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Which Is The Best OS For Mobile Casinos: Android or IOS?

Which Is The Best OS For Mobile Casinos: Android or IOS?

Gambling has never been as convenient as today. With the advent of mobile online casinos and casino apps the days when you had to visit regular casinos are over.

According to stats, more than 80% of players prefer to use their phones over other devices (like Windows PCs and laptops). Since the mobile online gambling industry has experienced tremendous growth and development over the last decade, Indian gamblers wonder what the best OS for mobile casinos is.

Although there are many big names in operating systems, Android and iOS are two front runners, ruling the gambling industry for years now.

Let`s take a closer look at these operating systems so that you can decide which of the best OS for mobile casinos is suitable for you.

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Android OS for Mobile Casinos in India

Android has proved to be the predominant platform for smartphone users. In India, 1 in 5 people uses android smartphones because of the flexibility and convenience it offers. That’s why we can list it to the best OS for mobile casinos. So let’s see what makes Android OS so hyped for mobile casinos in India.

  1. Open-source Features. Open-source feature in Android ensures high-end privacy as it allows players to use the mobile operating system under a specific license.
  2. Customer Service. In addition, Android OS has a large customer base that is available to assist you 24/7 with any query you face during gambling.
  3. Quality. Because of high-end graphics, exciting animations, and excellent device compatibility, Android gives you much better graphics to enjoy live casinos from the comforts of home.
  4. Usage. With low cost, integrated management, and full-time support, Android OS for gaming makes gambling a heck of fun for you.

The best part is that you can find a number of gambling websites that offer android mobile operating systems in the form of APK files. So all you have to do is download the APK files and enjoy gambling right away.

IOS OS for Mobile Casinos in India

IOS also enjoys great popularity in the Indian mobile market. Although iPhones are a little expensive, they are still the favourite among many Indians who wish to have a smooth, immersive, and on-the-go gambling experience.

Let’s see what sets IOS mobile casino operating system on top:

  1. Graphics. While Android OS has proved very useful, it still can’t beat the graphics quality of iOS, which is far more smooth and free from glitches.
  2. Compatibility. IOS offers unmatched compatibility with its sibling devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, and others because of its high-end software to play any online casino quickly.
  3. Advancement. Although iOS has been around us for many years, it has revolutionized the way people use mobile phones for gambling.
  4. Usage. Whether it’s music streaming or making payments, iOS offers easy-to-download casino apps that come with a premium quality interface.

Android VS IOS

Speaking of mobile casino operating systems, both Android and iOS have their pros and cons, so you should rather pick the best OS for mobile casinos according to your liking. While accessing mobile casino apps, Indian gamblers usually look for comfort, portability, convenience, and interface. Android iOS
1 Open-source feature High Quality Graphics
2 Smooth Interface Excellent Performance
3 High Quality Graphics High-end compatibility
4 Supports interesting features Separate iOS Software
5 Mobile Friendliness Seamless music streaming
6 Large Customer Base Easy to download casino app
7 Optimized For Devices Convenient Integration
8 Strict Privacy In-app purchases
9 Glitch-less Interface Ultra-responsive Use
10 Lightweight APK files Immersive gameplay


With a pool of options in OS for both Android and iOS casinos, it’s no longer tricky to land on the best OS for mobile casinos. Whichever operating system you choose, make sure it’s licensed, convenient, and works on many mobile app casinos. All this combined will give you a worthy gambling experience to make money and have fun.

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Which OS is better for gaming?

Considering the convenience, IOS and Android are the best OSs for gaming, with many options in games available with a few clicks.

Do mobiles support online casino games?

Advancements in the gambling industry have opened rooms for a pool of online mobile casino app games. Today, nearly every renowned online casino offers an integrated mobile casino operating system for players' convenience.

Which OS is best for performance in India?

There's no one best OS for mobile casinos that works for everyone. In general, the best performing OS for mobile casinos is Android because of its large customer base, high-end compatibility, and excellent graphics.