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Dice Casino Games: A Complete List For Indian Players

Dice Casino Games: A Complete List For Indian Players

Dice casino games have been there for a long time, and gamblers adore them for their ease of playing. Even though dice games seem uncomplicated, it can be challenging for a novice and professional player to win them.

Games with dice might be limited in number, but they provide an enticing online gambling experience. So let’s dig in and explore more about the thrilling online casino dice games universe.

Top Online Casinos To Play Dice Casino Games In 2022

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Casino Dice Games Popularity in Indian Online Casinos

Dice games came from ancient India. You might have heard of the Chopat game that turned the story of Mahabharata or Pachisi that Akbar used to play with Jodha. People have also played Ludo, Chaupal, and Pachisi for hundreds of years ago. Now these board games came to real money online casinos and adjusted their rules and gameplay to fit in.

The likeliness of these games has made gamblers love online dice casino games.

Among the prime reasons for casino dice games popularity, we can highlight:

  • The ease of playing,
  • excellent user interface,
  • quick returns.

The uncertainty factor of dice games attracts the players and keeps them hooked for a long time.

Dice Casino Games Basic Gameplay

When it comes to dice casino games, their gameplay and rules are moderately different. The only thing that remains constant is dice and luck factors. The staggering user interface, sounds and attention to detail graphics make up for a great user experience.

Indian Casino Dice Games

Casino games played with dice is the part of live casino section along with card table games like Teen Patti and Andar Bahar. Indians value live casino games for immersive atmosphere and live interaction with dealers and other players.

Below are the best online dice games one can enjoy in India.

Jhandi Munda

Online Jhandi Munda, a proudly indigenous dice casino game from Arunachal Pradesh, is played throughout the country.

Six dice are used in the game, each with a symbol on it rather than a number representation (pips). These include faces, flags, hearts, clubs, spades, and diamonds. You may also use dice with crowns and anchors instead of flags and faces.

Players wager on which symbol will appear the most among the six dice as they are tossed in this straightforward game. Famous Indian export Jhandi Munda is also called Langur Burja in Nepal and Crown and Anchor in several other nations.

Anchor and Crown

Crown and Anchor are essentially Jhandi Munda under a different name. However, the game is easily recognizable by Indian players, who have helped make it famous by making it more widely available in foreign online casinos.

Crown and Anchor is a dice game popularised by British sailors who travelled to India in the 18th century. It substitutes a crown and an anchor for the traditional Jhandi Munda face and flag. Here, players wager on the outcome of six dice being thrown.

Ludo or Pachisi

Ludo or Pachisi has been played since the Mughal era in India. In Ludo, the goal is to use the fewest number of dice rolls possible to move all four of your colour counters into the centre or house.

You are likely familiar with the conventional board, so the internet version is similar. A cross-shaped play area is located in the centre of the square Ludo board. Every corner serves as the player’s starting area or yard, and each has its yard.

World Famous Casino Dice Games

Dice games casino section is integral in every international online casino. Except for Indian traditional casino games with dice, India online casino sites also feature world-famous games. Below is a dice casino games list played across the globe:

Sic Bo Online

Sic Bo is a popular dice game of chance from Asia. Chinese for “dice pair” is “sic bo.”

You play Sic Bo with three dice on a table where bets are placed. The game arrived at casinos in the 1980s and has held its place till now .

There are several variations of Sic Bo, but Chuck-A-Luck could be the most well-known. This Chinese dice game has several side bets, similar to the famous game of Craps. “Small” and “large” bets are the most common types. The little wager bets that the total of the three dice will be between 4 and 10 while the big wager pays between 11 and 17.

Craps Online

Online Craps is thrilling in various ways. The game has several rounds, each of which has “Come Out” and “Point” phases. A point is rolled with two dice, and that same number is then rolled twice before a player rolls seven.

The “shooter” is the person who throws the dice at the craps table.

The “point” of the game is indicated when a particular number is marked by “pucks.” The shooter rolls the dice and attempts to reach this number before the number seven is rolled.

If the player scores the goal, the puck is “switched off,” and the shooter has another chance to score. It has changed to a “coming out roll.” A “coming out roll” indicates that the game has just started and that there is no purpose in continuing.


The casino game Klondike comes in a few distinct variations and is enjoyable and traditional. Its origins may be traced to the American West, where people played it at low-cost casinos. In one entertaining package, this game mixes aspects from various other games.

Five dice are used in Klondike. One player, the banker, rolls all five dice to assemble a hand to begin the game. The next player can roll when the banker’s hand is revealed. The goal of this game is to create a better hand than the dealer, much like poker. However, in this online casino game, you must assemble a hand using the dice rather than playing cards.

How to play dice casino games for free?

When it comes to playing free online casino dice games, the players have few options.

  • Play Dice Demo Version. Playing demo games improves gameplay and trains skills before real money dice games rounds.
  • Play With Welcome Bonus. Choosing a casino with a hefty welcome bonus makes it possible to play without investing money. Just choose your favourite dice casino game and bet with bonus money. However, its important pay attention to wagering requirements.
  • Look for bonus games offered by the casinos to new players.
    Sometimes casinos offer a money welcome bonus and an opportunity to test some of its games for free.


Although dice games are not the most popular casino table games, many gamblers throughout the world still have a place in their hearts for them.

Despite being few, casino dice games may still provide a fun online casino experience. Choose the best one according to your preferences and enjoy playing them for real money.

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What is the name of the most popular dice game at a casino?

The most popular dice gambling game worldwide is Craps.

What is the goal of any dice casino game?

During dice games, any player aims to roll the number (or the closest number) to win a game.

What is the most common dice game in India?

Jhandi Munda is the top dice game in India nowadays, and it's gaining popularity worldwide.