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Dragon vs Tiger Winning Tricks India: Increase Your Winning Odds

Dragon vs Tiger Winning Tricks India: Increase Your Winning Odds

If you are searching for Dragon Tiger winning tricks, you are already familiar with the Dragon Tiger Live game pattern & its staggering features. Being a game of chance cuts down the successful application of strategies in this game. However, we found some Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks that can maximise your chances of winning.

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Top 5 Tricks to Win Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger is a simple, fast-paced online card game. While we recently listed 5 Strategies to win in the Dragon Tiger casino game, here are some addotional tricks for Dragon and Tigers, professionals use to increase the winning odds:

Ignore Tie Bets

The tie bet payouts are enormous in most online casinos. These attractive payoff offers might entice any player to bet on a tie. But so far, most gamblers are unaware of this wager’s massive casino house edge.

  • A tie bet has a minimal possibility of paying off.
  • Few players managed to win betting on the Tie or Suited Tie.
  • From a potential of 86,320 different hand possibilities, there are just 6,488 ties. It leads to lower odds of this betting choice.

Your tie bet may pay out if you’re lucky. Nevertheless, we advise you to avoid making these dangerous Tie bets in the Dragon Tiger game. Placing your bets on the Dragon or the Tiger is way better.

Never Adopt a Game Pattern

If the Dragon card has won three times in a row, it does not guarantee the same result for the fourth time. The odds for each card are the same regardless of the outcomes of previous hands. Thus, pattern-following won’t be effective while playing Dragon Tiger.

Learn About the Game and Payouts

Understand the game fundamentals before playing for real money in Dragon Tiger casino.

  • To maximise your earnings, learn the Dragon Tiger gameplay. You will be able to understand it quickly as it is straightforward.
  • Before playing, you should know the game’s betting odds, as various online casinos offer varied payouts.
  • Give preference to casinos with high payout ratio.

One of the best Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks is looking for the online casino with the best payouts.

Maintain a Budget

Some Dragon vs Tiger maths tricks are among the most effective methods for extending gameplay and eliminating quick financial disasters.

Always make wagers consistent with your total bankroll while betting. This means that if you have 1,000 INR, you should place smaller bets of 100 INR rather than larger bets of 500 INR.

Money management is vital while playing any casino game, including Dragon vs Tiger. Don’t let the game’s momentum influence your betting systems; always know when to stop and set betting limits.

Card Counting Trick

This technique is popular among players who wish to count the cards to prevent a bad drawing. All online casinos oppose card counting, as it benefits players. Nevertheless, since you’re hiding behind a screen, no one will be able to see what you’re doing. To ensure that this works, stick with this strategy:

  1. You’ll have to watch the cards being played for a few hands before counting what cards have a higher chance of coming out.
  2. You want stronger cards to appear more often than weaker ones to improve your likelihood of winning the game.
  3. Therefore, stay patient until you see lots of lower cards dealt.
  4. Then you can get in on the act.

While a few cards are used in Dragon Tiger, it’s simpler to maintain a count of how many small and large cards have been played. You can easily track how many sevens are dealt. Remember that a player loses their stake whenever a seven is drawn, so watching out for these unfortunate sevens may improve the winning odds. More about this strategy you can read in our previous acticle: ” Can You Count Cards in Dragon Tiger Game


Since Dragon vs Tiger is a game based on luck, it is possible to win without a tactic. However, the abovementioned Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks might boost one’s chances. Count cards and your budget, avoid tie bets and game pattern repetition and stay informed about current casino payouts.

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How do you calculate payouts in Dragon vs Tiger casino game?

The betting odds when you win with a Dragon or a Tiger is 1:1. If you chose a Tie and were successful, the payoff will be high depending on the casino you choose, e.g., 8:1.

How many cards does The Dragon Tiger game require?

The game of Dragon vs Tiger will use 4 to 8 decks of cards, each with 52 cards without jokers.

Who created the game Dragon vs Tiger?

Evolution Gaming designed and produced Tiger VS Dragon.