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How to win Dragon Tiger: 5 Best Winning Strategies

How to win Dragon Tiger: 5 Best Winning Strategies

Dragon Tiger is a game believed to be an amalgamation of two of the most loved online casino games, Baccarat and Casino Wars. The intention was to create a game appropriate for experienced and beginner players. Dragon Tiger is certainly a game of chance, but there is always room for strategy. The essence of gambling is regulating probabilities; our guide on “How to win at Dragon Tiger” will put you on the right track.

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How to win Dragon vs Tiger?

Dragon Tiger is one of the most loved games online. It has become as popular as card games like Teen Patti and is supported by some of the best live dealer casinos. We are all aware that Dragon Tiger is a game of chance & by no means can one 100% validate the card that will show up from the deck.

Nonetheless, you can try to enhance your chances of grabbing a win. Refer to the tips and tricks catering to the most often query “How to win Dragon Tiger?”.

1. Martingale Strategy

The elementary intent of this strategy is to increase your wager by 2x in every upcoming round. It ultimately maximized the chances of winning by 15% in the third round. To endure the preceding losses in the game, players double their bets in successive rounds. It would be better not to change the sides after every round.

If you choose to place your bet on the Dragon card in the first round, then continue the same with all rounds. The player with the highest hand wins the game.

If you do, all your initially wagered amount will return. The beginning betting amount should be small.

2. Card Counting Technique

Another technique that caters to the query of how to win Dragon Tiger is the Card Counting technique. If you want to learn how to beat Dragon Tiger, this is another approach you can try. Even though card counting is disfavouring at many online casinos, no one will be able to judge as you will be at the back of the screen.

To make it work, you must keep an eye on what cards are popping out for various hands before determining the probability of you getting a higher or a lower card. You will win if you have higher cards. That is why you must wait for a good amount of lower cards to be drawn before playing the game.

Players who count the cards can anticipate good results from this tactic. It is easier to keep track because Dragon Tiger uses limited cards only.

3. Suit-based strategy

Another great strategy that might be helpful if you want to learn how to win Dragon Tiger is a Suit-based strategy. Under this strategy, you keep up with the number of suits already played and then figure out the remaining in the deck. If you observed that the least dealt card is the diamond suit, you must wager on diamonds next. When you play live casino Dragon Tiger, remember to compute the suits that have already been dealt compared to those in the deck.

4. Steer Clear from betting on Tie bets or Suited Tie

The highest odds in the tie bet attract the players into the trap, burning a hole in their pocket. Placing a tie bet can lead to massive winnings but lacks potential due to the house edge. Out of 86,320 potential card combinations, only 6,488 are a tie. The Remaining can be a game of loss in online gambling.

5. Understand the game & know the payouts

Before you start playing Dragon Tiger for real money, ensure you have full knowledge of the game. Other than this, you need to know the payouts for the game, particularly the ones for the tie bets.


As you now know of some of the best strategies to win the Dragon Tiger game, it’s time you start applying them. Casino experts with relevant experience endorse all these tips and tricks. No doubt that Dragon Tiger is a game of chance, but it doesn’t imply that you cannot use tactics.

However, these strategies do not guarantee consistent success while playing, but you will be able to prevent yourself from making beginner mistakes. This “how to win Dragon Tiger” guide will help you appreciate the game more.

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Can you play live Dragon Tiger for free?

You can't play Dragon Tiger for free as it is a live online casino game. However, you can watch the game for free to understand the rules.

Can you play Dragon Tiger at a mobile online casino?

Yes, you can play Dragon Tiger on mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Is the Dragon Tiger game fair?

Yes, Dragon and Tiger game rules are straightforward and fair.