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How To Win Teen Patti Every Time?

How To Win Teen Patti Every Time?

Players call Teen Patti a game of luck, but that may not be the best justification if you’re playing Teen Patty online with money.

Whether it’s your first time playing Teen Patti or already into it, knowing a handful of tips to trick up your sleeves in the game isn’t a bad idea. In this guide, we’ve shared the best tried and tested strategies to know the answer of how to win Teen Patti with the right skills, guess power and good luck.

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How to Win at Teen Patti: Pro Tips

Working out your ultimate strategy seems like a perfect decision. However, a set of tips, based on professional Teen Patti players will ease your first steps into figuring out How To Win Teen Patti online .

Start Small

Like other popular card games, Teen Patti allows you to bet with real money and add more and more winnings to your account. If you’re a beginner playing Teen Patti, it’s best to make small bets and play with less risk initially. Betting small can also help you target maximum winnings and increase your chances of winning instead of losing all the money on a single big bet. Once you’ve gained traction, increase the betting amount and maintain a stable bankroll to last the longest in the game.

Read Your Opponents Mind

If you’re smart, chances are more for you to ace the game even before you use Teen Patti tricks to win. When playing cards, you’ve to pay attention to little details such as your opponent’s action, body language, facial appearance etc. For example, if a player starts by betting big, it can be a sign for you to fold before it gets too late. It’s also important to note the type of hand played by a player maximum time so you can calculate your winning possibilities using the number of pairs.

Play Blind

Not many Teen Patti players like to play blind because of the anxiety that comes along. But if you look at the bigger picture, playing blind bets can help you secure good wins while gaining the confidence of opponents in the game. If you keep playing blind multiple times, the opponent with less winning chances is more likely to fold, giving all the money in your bank account. Another impressive thing about playing blind bet is that it doesn’t impact your bankroll only if you start with small hands.

Practice, Practice and Practice

Practice makes a man perfect, and the rule applies to Teen Patti, the same as other games. The more hands you play in the game, the earlier and better you understand the ins and outs of Teen Patti. Whether you started playing cards days back or years ago, make a habit of playing cards every once a week and watch how experts play.

Use The Advantage Of Sideshow

If used the right way, sideshows can actually lead you to master this game with the added benefit of Teen Patti tricks to win. If you don’t know what sideshows, it’s simply the chance to see the cards of your opponent after the last bet made by them. However, the only condition implied here is that you must have high-value cards and not play blind bets to ask for a sideshow.

Sustain a Stable Bankroll

You can never ace the game of Teen Patti without excelling in the art of managing your bankroll. From the start, it’s important for you to have a stable bankroll which isn’t hard by making small bets on different hands. Moreover, you can increase your chances of winning by recovering losses through different effective ways. Make sure to set a suitable limit before you start betting so that you don’t get too excited and put all your eggs into one basket.

The Best Sequences In Teen Patti Game

Out of everything, the Teen Patti sequence is quite an interesting one, so you can know the answer to how I can win 3 Patti every time.

  1. Trail or set: The trail is the first Teen Patti sequence you can make by having three cards of the same sequence.
  2. Pure sequence: The second Teen Patti sequence is a pure sequence, also known as a straight flush, which is normally when you have three consecutive cards following the same suit.
  3. Sequence: Like the pure sequence, this Teen Patti sequence represents a straight hand of cards in consecutive order of the same or different suit.
  4. Colour: This is the easiest Teen Patti sequence when you have a hand consisting of cards of the same suit.
  5. Pair: As the name says, the Teen Patti sequence is when you have 2 cards of the same value, preferably high value.
  6. High card: The last Teen Patti sequence is a high card which consists of no sequence but only one high card.

Wrapping up

With the help of Teen Patti tricks to win, as mentioned above, you can be a pro to Teen Patti in no time. The best way to answer how I can win 3 Patti every time is to keep seeking different ways to trick your opponents in the game.

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How can I win 3 Patti every time?

The best and easiest way to win 3 Patti is practising the game with a proper set of skills, right bets, luck and using the Teen Patti tricks to win.

How do you always win playing cards?

To always win playing cards, never be too confident in the game, have control of your emotions and don't put your eff in one basket.

Which suit and colour are higher in Teen Patti?

The highest Teen Patti sequence is a colour that has three colours of the same suit. For example, the highest colour Teen Patti sequence is AKJ.