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Monopoly Live Casino Strategy India | Rules & Best Tricks

Monopoly Live Casino Strategy India | Rules & Best Tricks

If you are a fan of a classic Monopoly game but need more thrill, real money bets online Monopoly Live is a must. This live gaming treasure by Evolution Gaming brings an iconic board game to life by combining live game action and augmented reality for an excellent casino experience.

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How to Play Monopoly Live?

Monopoly Live is a Game Show like Dream Catcher and Sweet Bonanza Candyland. They are gaining popularity among Indian players due to unusual gameplay compared to online casino games. In the centre of a live show is a presenter controlling the gameplay – the rest is up to players who bet from their homes.

Monopoly Live Rules

To master the Monopoly Live Casino Strategy, you first must understand how to play Monopoly online casino game.

  1. Choose your chip size from the range of choices.
  2. During the wagering time, place your odds on the 6 available betting slots.
  3. The betting phase concludes when the timer goes off and the dealer spins the wheel.
  4. All wagers placed on a segment where the wheel stops will win.
  5. The Chance segments on the wheel result in winning cash prizes or a multiplier of the entire stake.
  6. The bonus game begins with the specified number of dice rolls if the wheel stops on either 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.
  7. During this bonus feature, Mr. Monopoly will wander across the board collecting a multiplier bonus, which will be added to the overall activating bet at the end of the round.

Once we are no longer in the dark about its rules, we can move on to the winning plan.

Monopoly Live Best Strategy

Low Risk Strategy considered to be the best Monopoly Live Strategy up to now. As the name implies, it offers certain benefits if your main goal in the game show is to push your money as far as possible.

Low-Risk Strategy

Try landing on 2 rolls and 4 rolls, or a Chance card. However, you shouldn’t limit your wagers only to these areas. Instead, think about shortening the time it takes to reach the bonus.

For this Monopoly Live betting strategy, let’s say you initially have a bankroll of 1,000 INR and decide to put bets totalling 10 INR every spin. This will serve as an example of how you might use tactics with various levels of volatility. You can lower your stakes for 2 and 4 rolls to lessen it.

Your preferred technique will depend on how much you will decrease your bet on the feature tiles. We recommend players size their wagers this way:

  • Place 1.50 INR on the wheel’s 2 rolls segment.
  • Put 1.50 INR on the tile that says 4 rolls.
  • Put 1 INR on the section for 10.
  • Place 1 INR on the 5th segment.
  • Lastly, place a 5 INR wager on segment 1.

Keep in mind: even though the final game outcome depends on luck, the High Low Monopoly live casino best strategy will keep you longer in a game and dramatically boost your winning chances.

Top 5 Tips for Monopoly Live

If you think that strategy is not enough, we’ve prepared 5 tips to maximize your winning odds when playing the Monopoly online casino game.

  1. Always Bet on the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls Section

    The first addition to the best Monopoly Live casino strategy implies that you should always gamble on the wheel’s 2 rolls and 4 rolls sections to avoid missing out on bonus rounds.

  2. Never Put Bets Based on Past Victories

    A winning tactic does not guarantee that it will succeed in the future. Keep in mind that luck plays a significant role in the game. Since your odds of winning remain unaffected, you do not need to put wagers on previous wins.

  3. Make Use of the Live Chat Feature

    Keep an eye on the live chat in case other gamers are kind enough to provide some advice. This occurs more frequently than you may believe.

  4. Don’t Let Your Emotions Takeover

    When you fail, don’t lose your temper. You may behave rashly and change your plan when you’re having bad luck. Between each round, pause to avoid letting your feelings overwhelm you.

  5. Make Use of Casino Bonuses

    Monopoly Live online casino bonuses can help you get additional money to play with. Use them to play games, and you could have a better chance of succeeding in big wins. However, always check the wagering requirements and other terms and conditions.

These tips play a prominent part in your wins. Using them during a real time game, you will get a profitable and enjoyable gambling experience!


Monopoly Live casino strategy is not a fine art. It can be easily mastered by any сasino player willing to improve their gaming.

To play Monopoly Live Casino Game successfully: control your emotions, use available bonuses and rely on a strategy rather than your previous success. Your possibilities of winning are now greater than ever, so try your luck and start a game round in your chosen online casino!

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How much can I win playing Monopoly?

Although you may win up to 10 times your wager, the bonus features allow you to make much more.

Which Monopoly Live casino strategy is the best?

A smart strategy is a “low volatility strategy”. Having a chance to win less but more frequently increases your odds.

What is the RTP for Monopoly Live?

The monopoly casino game has a 96.20% RTP. Based on an extended play, the average return to the player for every 10 INR wager is 9.62 INR.

How can I begin Monopoly Live bonus game?

You can play the bonus game by wagering on the 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls slots, and the money wheel stops where those bets were placed.

Can I use my phone to play Monopoly Live?

You can use any gadget, as Monopoly Live works on all iOS and Android smartphones.