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Keno Online
Updated: 21.03.2023

Online Keno Tips, Rules & Strategies

If you have ever participated in an online lottery, then understanding online keno will be as easy as falling off a log. The game can be seen growing on players & for all the right reasons. Keno online is easy to play, does not require the application of complex strategies and enables flexible bet values.

The prime thing you should know form the very beginning: online keno is legal in India!

Best Websites To Play Online Keno In India 2023

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What is Online Keno?

Before you hop on to the rules of the keno lottery online, you must get hold of the game’s concept.

Online keno for real money is a well known casino game of chance that falls under the category of lottery owing to the process that selects the winning numbers randomly.

Concept of playing keno online

Herein, the players can place their bets on various Keno numbers ranging from 1 to 80 and then turn in the keno ticket with the wager. A set of numbers is then revealed through a random number generator, and players are paid based on wagers placed.

Random number generator is a renowned and reliable computer software that enables the numbers to be drawn without bias, offering all players an equal opportunity to win.

Playing online keno is loved by Indian players because of its potential to win massive amounts with little investment.

Best Lottery Websites to Play Keno From India

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Is it Legal To Play Online Keno games in India?

Online gambling didn’t exist back then since Indian gaming regulations were lacking until the late 1800s. Although the regulations have been revised, internet gambling is still ambiguous. Sikkim is the only state where residents can participate in state-regulated online casino gaming.

Online keno is legal in India, but only if you use legitimate offshore sites. All other Indian gamblers play at reputable, regulated, and registered offshore live casinos.

Real money online keno lottery isn’t covered under the category of legal casino games like rummy, poker or lotteries. However, it is still not considered illegal in India. This is because of Keno’s similarity to lottery games.

We must recognize that laws put online Keno in a legal or illegal category. Also, so far, no player has been summoned to play keno online India, and the chances of that happening in the future are low. However, it is strongly recommended to play the game responsibly.

How to Play Keno Online From India

Learning to play real money keno is no rocket science once you have your draw ticket. First, players must know the basics. Before we make our way to the rules of online keno games, let’s look at the game from start to finish.

This is how you play keno at the best online casino:

  1. Sign-up and fund the account

    Make a point to form a list of the best online keno sites in India. Then, choose the most reliable online casino and sign-up. Of course, if you play real money online keno, you will have to fund your casino account.

  2. Choose your online keno game

    Navigate to the game section. You will be able to spot an extensive range of keno online games.

  3. Analyze the payouts and the bets

    All the keno casino online games show information related to wagering and payout on the game’s paytable. This will help you understand the winning potential compared to the wagering amount.

  4. Pick your numbers and bet

    To start playing, choose a set of numbers and select the wager amount. There is an option to select the numbers via quick pick.

  5. Draw and wait for the outcome

    Draw instantly, and after that, the machine chooses winning numbers with the help of a random number generator. If you win, you receive the reward automatically.

Online Keno Rules To Follow

The game’s rules for Keno play online are simple to comprehend, and reviewing them will help you improve your chances of succeeding. So bear the following in mind when you play real money keno online.

  • There are usually 80 keno numbers to choose from while playing for real money online keno. However, not all 80 numbers can be bet on. There can be a maximum of 20 numbers chosen to match the investment.
  • Depending on the casino where you play Keno, you may be required to choose at least two numbers to bet on, and you can also select many numbers for the group and play. Click on the logo of the game you want to play and enjoy betting on your winning numbers. Do not forget to keep the odds of winning in mind.
  • When playing Keno for real money at land based casino, you must wait until the dealer starts the game; however, when you go for a keno play online, you can choose the start time for each game.

Best Way To Win Keno Online Lottery

Even though Keno is a game of chance, there are tactics you can use to create an engaging gaming environment. Here are some of the most often-used online keno for real money tactics.

Keno Straight Ticket Strategy

Herein, you play the numbers straight on a Keno card. This includes up to 15 numbers that you might bet on. However, some online casinos might enable you to bet on more consecutive numbers.

Split Ticket Technique

Play two or more games on the Keno tickets displayed on your screen to use this real money keno game technique. Keno players can pick a set of numbers and divide them up in various ways to produce the numbers they want to wager on.

Way Ticket Technique

When playing several Keno number groups on a single card, you must decide which groups you want to wager on. Then, you must bet on groups and fractions in this more intricate Keno betting technique.

King Ticket Technique

While applying this strategy, you bet on a multitude of keno online game tickets, each of which has a set of numbers. You can choose different numbers and create groups to place your bets. This increases your chances of winning in online casinos.

Additional Tip: Make use of Keno multipliers. Multipliers enable players to maximize the chances of their winning by up to 10%. Consequently, the cost of a bet also increases.

Playing real money keno online does not require much work. With the help of these strategies mentioned above, you can easily pick your lucky numbers and win the keno games.

Odds and Payouts of keno casino online game

The odds and payouts of online keno modify from game to game. The number of balls drawn and the number of balls chosen by the players impact the round result.

Along with the abovementioned variables, your winning probability relies on the game paytable and the number of spots a player can crack to be worthy of the prize.

Odds of Keno online games

Most keno online games use 80 numbered balls intending to ascertain results. Every spot that a player chooses, if matched, then is called a “catch”. 20 balls are drawn in a classic round. Consequently, every spot has a 25% chance of turning up.

The calculations of the online keno game become difficult on choosing more than one number. On purchase of multiple spots, your odds of winning increase. However, catching all of them remains complicated since the draw comprises only 20 numbers. Which Keno spot has the best odds? Well, no particular number possesses better odds than other numbers while playing.

Keno online games make use of random number generators (RNG) to obtain fair results. The RNG ensures that every number from 1 to 80 possesses the same winning odds and creates unpredictable results.

Keno Online Games Payouts

The keno payouts also vary depending on the game and the number of spots the player has selected. In general, however, the payouts tend to be relatively low, particularly compared to other casino games.

For example, suppose a player chooses five numbers and hits three. In that case, they might win a payout of 3 to 1, meaning they would receive three times their original wager.

Overall, keno is a game of chance that allows players to win large prizes, but the odds of winning are quite low. While some players may enjoy the excitement of the game and the potential for a big payoff, others may find it a frustrating and unprofitable experience. As with all casino games, players must understand the odds and payouts before deciding to play.

Types of Keno Games to Play Online

Keno online comes with variations. All you need to do is to understand which one is the most suitable one for you to enjoy online keno for real money.

Note : Keno house edge varies according to chosen game.

Single game Keno

Single cards Keno is the easiest and oldest variation of online Keno. Use one card and pick the numbers based on your preference. Winning depends on how many numbers match the balls. People enjoy playing this straightforward and classic version of Keno online India.

Multi Race Keno

If you are someone who has less time on their hands and is convinced that you will be playing the same numbers all over again, the multi-race cards online keno game is the variant for you.

This variant enables you to use the same numbers consecutively in a series of Keno games. However, Multi-race cards don’t increase your chances of winning but save you from having to click the same numbers every time.

Progressive Jackpot Keno

This is an exciting method to play live keno online, much like jackpot slots. With each wager, the jackpot becomes bigger and bigger until someone finally wins it. Progressive jackpot keno is a novel spin on a casino classic and an exciting opportunity to try your luck at winning a sizable payout!

Theme keno

Similar to online slots, some keno games incorporate a variety of themes that enhance the gaming experience. Themed keno is a fun variation of a traditional online keno game, whether the theme is Ancient Egypt, the Jungle, or the Circus.

Before you play the best variant, it is always a good idea to first play them in demo mode and once you are confident, you can continue with the real money.

Live Dealer Keno Online: Immersive Experience

Ezugi, a renowned software developer, powers live keno, available at leading live dealer casinos. The game adheres to classic Keno regulations, including a poll of 20 to 80 balls.

What is Live Keno Game Concept

The live keno game is more like a live dealer lottery. In real time, players watch a Live Game of online keno lottery. The undeniable advantage here is that you can stay at home or spend time with friends while participating in a game round.

New Keno games start every few minutes, each offering outcomes that differ from the preceding game. There are no automatic outcomes, and players enjoy random numbers. Everything is seen through a live Keno feed, which tremendously improves the game and offers a level of realism not found in online play.

Live Dealer Keno Gameplay

Since no random number generator is used, live dealers repeat all numbers. At the same time, participants play from their homes, unlike traditional keno games. Each round of online Keno lasts three minutes, and players are given time to select their numbers.

Major live dealer casinos provide Live Keno. It is also easy to access through an instant play system that uses your browser for optimal compatibility and ease. Therefore, if you are using an iOS system on your mobile, you won’t need to download anything, and there won’t be any problems.

However, as you undoubtedly already know, live dealer games are more expensive to operate than the standard random number-generated games and titles, thus, you can only play live real money keno.

How To Play Free Online Keno Games?

You may play keno for free online at several different online casinos. To determine whether you enjoy playing keno online and become familiar with the game’s rules, we advise you to try a free game before making your deposit.

Here are the ways to play free and decide if real money keno worth it.

  1. Demo games

    Want to play keno online but have no idea about the rules of the game? This is where the demo version comes in. Demo mode helps you enjoy the game without any investment and lets you familiarise yourself with the game’s rules.

  2. Bonus offers

    Another great way to understand and enjoy online keno without using real money is by optimum use of bonus offers.

    For example, many online casinos offer no-deposit bonuses and a welcome bonus that helps punters enhance their gambling experience.


Players who want to make large cash payouts without risking a fortune play keno at the best online keno sites in India. However, the game stands out for those who wish to save time.

In contrast to other games where you spend hours playing, you put a wager and double or even triple your initial investment in less than 10 minutes. To start playing for real money, you must register for a gaming account at one of the suggested websites.

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Can you bet on keno online?

You can bet on keno online. However, you win only if the numbers you marked match the numbers revealed via a random number generator.

Where can I play keno online?

There are several best online keno sites in India where you can enjoy playing the game. Check out our list of best websites.

Can you play keno for free?

You can play free online keno casino games by checking out the demo mode or using bonus offers.

Can I play real keno online?

Playing online keno is easy. First, you can choose the site that offers free online keno casino games for practice. Then, you are ready to play real money keno, just choose legitimate website.

What are the 5 most common keno numbers?

The five most often winning numbers in Video Keno are 1, 4, 23, 34, and 72.