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Ludo Online
Updated: 21.03.2023

Ludo Game Online: Tips, Rules & Basics

When you think of a board game Ludo will most probably be the first game that comes to your mind. A western variation of the classic board game Pachisi, Ludo is a game that has amused many generations and continues to be a popular game amongst the populace. In recent years, the online version of the game took its place among popular online casino games in India.

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How to Play Ludo Online Game?

Playing Ludo online has become a popular timepass for many casual gamers, especially during the Covid-19 lockdown. Players can choose from a plethora of casino apps that are available in the market, for example, Ludo snakes and ladders. Each Ludo app may have its way of getting started, but the general steps of playing the online ludo game are discussed below:

  1. Download the Ludo game app you prefer via App Store or Play Store if you are playing through mobile phones.
  2. Select the language that you prefer after opening the app.
  3. Now, you can link your game to any of your social media accounts. You can do this or play as a guest if you have privacy concerns.
  4. If you select to play as a guest, you will see extra options on the following screen. You must choose your nation first, modify the guest name, and upload a profile photo. It retrieves your social media account profile information for individuals who sign up.
  5. Choose a colour and either start or join a lobby. When you choose ‘Start’, you can generate and share a code with your friends. When you click ‘join’, you may input a secret code supplied by a buddy and begin playing the game.
  6. Touch the dice when you see your turn to begin the game. You may also speak with your friends in the game.

And that is it! You are now ready to play the Ludo online multiplayer games.

Ludo Board Layout

Now that you know how to play Ludo online, it is time to get acquainted with the game board layout.

A Ludo board is a square with a cross design, with each arm split into three neighbouring columns of eight squares. The central squares comprise the screen home column and cannot be landed on by other colours. The centre of the cross forms a huge square that serves as the whole area and is divided into four home triangles, one of each colour. Separate from the primary circuit are coloured circles/squares at each corner where the tokens are put to begin.

Counters begin their circuit one square in from the arm’s end and next to the beginning circle. The starting square, starting circle, home triangle, and all home column squares are coloured to correlate with the respective tokens.

Each player selects one of the four colours (green, yellow, red, or blue) and positions the four tokens of that colour in the matching beginning circle. Finally, one die is thrown to determine movement.

Ludo Game Rules

The game rules Ludo requires is straightforward. Our experts are here to help you deal with the Ludo basics.


Players alternate turns clockwise. The highest die throw begins the game.

The player chooses which token to move with each throw. A token goes clockwise around the track indicated by the number thrown. If no token may legally move based on the number tossed, the game moves on to the next player.

A throw of 6 results in another turn. To advance a token from the beginning circle/square to the first square on the track, a player must throw a 6. After that, the token travels six squares around the circuit, starting with the correctly coloured start square, and the player also gets an extra turn.

If a token falls on another token of a different colour, the jumped-upon token returns to its starting circle. A block is formed when a token lands on another token of the same colour. Any opposing token cannot pass or land on this block.


When a token has completed a full round, it moves up the home column. A precise throw is required to carry a token onto the home triangle. The individual who moves all four tokens into the home triangle first wins the game.

Ludo Apps Real Money

Online Ludo is popular amongst casual players and serious players who want to invest their money and make some winnings through online ludo gaming. Many online multiplayer ludos apps can help you win real money. Some of the Ludo India apps through which you can earn some ludo real money are listed below:-

  • Ludo Empire
  • GameZy
  • Mobile Premium League (MPL)
  • Ludo League
  • Ludo King
  • Ludo Supreme

Advantages of Ludo Real Money Game

Playing Ludo real cash games can have many advantages, in addition to winning real money by betting on your game. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Earn Real Money Without Playing

    Users of actual money-earning games like the Ludo game apps in India may make money without ever having to play a single game. Instead, gamers must recommend the game to their colleagues, friends or family for family gaming. The individual receives the commission whenever other players sign up for the game using the referral code.

  2. Accessibility

    The most significant benefit of having a ludo app is that you no longer need to carry a board around if you want to play the game. Instead, you need to take out your phone, take a starting position and play. In addition, most apps have the option ‘Pass & Play’, so even a single device can be sufficient to satiate your gaming desire.

  3. Distance Is No Longer A Barrier

    When it comes to offline ludo games, the physical presence of the players is necessary. Online apps quickly neutralize this disadvantage. You can start playing with your friends, wherever they are.

    Distance is not a factor at all. All you need to do is host a game and share the room code with your friends, and you are ready to have some fun!

  4. You can also play against strangers if your friends are unavailable.

    Real Money Ludo Payments

    It is not enough to win in Ludo online games. You must also be able to withdraw your ludo real cash to your bank account. Thankfully, all the real money ludo game apps have some mechanism to initiate a transfer of your hard-earned winnings to your bank account. Some of the pathways through which you can withdraw your winnings are mentioned below:

    • Paytm Wallet- It is among the top digital wallet applications used in India, and almost all of the real money ludo apps have Paytm Wallet as a safe and secure option for transfers.
    • UPI- The introduction of the Unified Payments Interface has speeded up the transfer process of ludo game winnings to one’s bank account. UPI is now amongst the most preferred pathways for transfers amongst Indian gamers.
    • Direct Transfer- The winnings from the ludo real money apps can also be directly withdrawn to your bank account. This option is now available with many popular online ludo gaming apps.
    • Google Pay- Google Pay is comparable to Paytm. Similar to Paytm, major Ludo applications and Ludo casinos accept Google Pay for deposits and withdrawals.

    When it comes to Ludo India has always been a hub. However, with the advent of real money online ludo gaming, a game that was just leisure in the past, has now undoubtedly become competitive. You can score a win in Ludo online and buff up your bank balance. So download any online ludo app today and start winning some money!

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Are Ludo online casinos safe for playing?

Yes, all the best ludo online casinos have many safeguards to keep your data safe.

Are Ludo real cash apps safe in India?

Like the best Ludo online casinos in the market, these applications are safe and don't reveal your personal or financial information.

Can we have access to game statistics in Ludo apps?

Players can access interesting game statistics in real-time like the game played, wins, losses, total coins won, win streak, players roll, etc.

Do Ludo gaming applications alter the dice roll?

The computer randomly generates the dice roll. The number that the dice roll produces is not subject to any influence from or control by apps.

Can we exchange the coins earned on online Ludo apps for money?

Coins in the games are a form of virtual cash that you can't convert into real money. Instead, their primary purpose is to be exchanged for in-app incentives.