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Rock Paper Scissors
Updated: 28.05.2023

Rock Paper Scissors Winning Secrets & Best Websites 2023

Online casinos exponentially increase gaming options by either adding new ones or modifying the old ones. With so many Casino Games already on offer, Indian players want all the entertainments to go online.

Nowadays, you can play Rock Paper Scissors casino games online. Rock paper scissors is a classic hand game in which three distinct hand shapes Rock, Paper, and Scissors, are used.

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How to Play Rock Paper Scissors Online?

Rock paper scissors casino online game is an adaptation of the conventional hand game, played with a deck of 24 cards. These 24 cards are segregated into three equal parts, representing the abovementioned shapes.

  • Eight cards denote the symbol rock,
  • the next eight the paper,
  • and the remaining eight the scissor symbol.

Now that you have understood the basics let’s binge on the steps that one has to follow.

1. Choose your bet

You have 18 seconds to gamble in Rock Paper Scissors.

There are 1, 3, 5, 10, 50, and 100 betting coins.

The table is divided into two sections:

  • the silver side
  • the gold side

You can gamble on one or both sides.

The game theory is that you may only wager on one of them at a time. You’re wagering on which symbols will be superior to the card’s symbol. You can do this by selecting one of the three symbols on either side of the table and clicking on one of the icons.

2. Check on the cards that the dealer has revealed

Rock Paper Scissors is in the live casino section, so all the actions depend on a live dealer. The symbol cards are revealed by the dealer. The dealer shuffles the cards in a machine once the bet is initiated. The first symbol cal is placed on the side of the silver, and then the next card of another symbol is placed on the gold side.

3. Check to see whether you’ve won.

You’ll know if you’ve won and how much you’ll get paid when the first card is put on the silver side. The payments will be transferred to your account instantly.

Rock Paper Scissors Symbols Ranking

The ranking of the three categories is as explained below:

  • Paper covers rock
  • Scissors cuts paper
  • Rock is ranked to beat the paper

Rock Paper Scissors Casino Payouts

The payouts are divided into two parts in the rock paper scissors game. There is one silver hand, and the second is the gold hand.

  • The win ratio for the silver hand is 1.85:1
  • The win ratio for the gold hand is 2.:1
  • The tie ratio in the silver hand is 1:1
  • The tie ratio is the gold hand is 35:1

With a $200 stake, you would earn a total of (100 x 1.85 = 185) + (100 x 2.5 = 250) 435 if you wagered $100 on both the silver and gold sides and won both sides. If you put the identical bet, but this time both hands tie, you will only receive $135.

Rock Paper Scissors Strategy

Unlike many other casino games, Rock Paper Scissors has only a few tactics that might help you win.

Be wary of the knot on the gold side

Always keep in mind that the gold side of the game will help you win a better amount. The winning reward is more on the gold side of the game. Because one card has already been turned over to the silver side of the deck. The eliminated card increases the chances of a tie by a little margin (which means you will lose money).

However, even though the reward for a victory is bigger there, the tie hand occurs frequently. Just make sure that you do not lose a lot of money. Keep your losses controlled for a better playing experience.

For larger rewards, only wager on the silver side

Gold side wins are higher than silver side wins. It does, however, come with fewer risks and a better rate of return on investment. Furthermore, your whole wager is reimbursed if you tie on the silver side. As a result, it is a safer side to gamble on.

It’s vital to remember that each round has two games. There are always fewer cards that may be dealt on the gold side. A part of your online rock paper scissors approach is determining if you want greater rewards or more playing.

The gold side has higher winning returns, but it also has a greater danger of losing more money. On the other hand, the silver side will let you play longer rounds, but your winning rewards will be lower.


This is all you need to know and learn before playing the rock paper scissors game. It is always better to read the instructions thoroughly and try your hand at the game. This real-life game will get you hooked most interactively and innovatively.

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How many times does it take to play live dealer rock paper scissors?

The game round is one minute, including the betting time of 20 seconds.

Are the ranks for rock paper scissors similar online as in real life?

The results are the same, whether you are playing online or in reality.

What are the payouts for Rock paper scissors?

If you win for the silver zone side of the table, the payout is 1.85:1. The bet is returned in case of a tie. For the gold zone, the wager is 2.5:1, while in the case of ties, it's 0.35:1.