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Scratch Cards
Updated: 21.03.2023

Online Scratch Cards:Best Sites, Top 10 Games, Tips To Win

If you’ve ever played scratchcards, you’ll know how simple they are compared to other casino games. They do not require any skill and are entirely based on luck.

Tickets are cheap, but you can win lakhs of rupees in a month or a day from an instant online scratch cards directly to your bank account. This article will teach you all there is to know about online scratch cards India and best gambling sites to play.

Best Indian Sites that offer Scractch Card Games In 2023

lottery brand
  • 9.83 / 10

    50% on your first deposit

    2 free Malamaal tickets

    50% on your first deposit

    2 free Malamaal tickets

    Lotto, slots, table games, roulette, blackjack
  • 9.06 / 10

    50% on 1st Deposit

    1 free US Powerball ticket on your first bought lotto ticket

    50% on 1st Deposit

    1 free US Powerball ticket on your first bought lotto ticket

    lotteries, slots, table games, live casino, keno, and bingo
  • 8.96 / 10

    100% up to $300(₹24,000)

    50% first Powerball discount

    100% up to $300(₹24,000)

    50% first Powerball discount

    International Lotteries, Slots, Scratchcards
  • 8.82 / 10

    No Bonus Available

    Boosted Jackpots: $100M for free or up to $300M for small fee

    No Bonus Available

    Boosted Jackpots: $100M for free or up to $300M for small fee

    Lotteries, Syndicates, Raffles & Scratch Cards
  • 8.73 / 10

    100% bonus

    No Bonus Available

    100% bonus

    No Bonus Available

    More than 60 Lotteries, Scratch cards, Slots, Livestreamed roulette games, Table games
  • 8.6 / 10

    50 no wager free spins on Bigger Bass Bonanza

    No Bonus Available

    50 no wager free spins on Bigger Bass Bonanza

    No Bonus Available

    Lotteries, Scratchcards, Live Casino Games
  • 8.55 / 10

    50% Bonus on First Deposit

    free US Powerball ticket

    50% Bonus on First Deposit

    free US Powerball ticket

    14 Lotteries, Slots, Scratchcards, Keno, Instant WIN
  • 7.87 / 10

    Buy 1 bet and get 2 more FREE

    Buy 1 bet and get 2 more FREE

    Buy 1 bet and get 2 more FREE

    Buy 1 bet and get 2 more FREE

    Lottery, Live Casino, Slots, Progressive Jackpots, Card games, Roulette & Scratch card
  • 7.43 / 10

    Not Provided

    20% discount if joining VIP club

    Not Provided

    20% discount if joining VIP club

    50+ lottery draws

How Do Scratch Cards Work?

Scratch cards are accessible in land-based and online casinos. However, online scratch card game options are beneficial in terms of cost, the comfort of playing and winning probabilities.

Online casino gamblers are always seeking new strategies to instantly make considerable money. Now, our focus is on online scratch card game entertainments that are the equivalent of lottery scratch cards, often sold at stands/booths.

When playing online lottery scratch cards, a player scratches or clicks on the panel to reveal the line, symbol, or number beneath. You are eligible for the reward if you hit the specified winning combinations in a single continuing session.

One main benefit of the online version is that you don’t have to worry about losing them behind the couch or leaving them in your trousers pocket. They may be viewed at any time on your computer or smartphone, with any instant win instantly collected or transferred to your bank account via chosen payment method.

How To Play Scratch Card Games Online?

There are presently several themes of scratch card games, each with its own regulations. Whatever your pick, the games are all simple and quick to start playing. Furthermore, gamers may play scratch cards online and on social networking sites.

Casino players claim that thrill from playing online scratch cards equals to live casino games experience! However, for those who want to combine this two things: there is no live dealers scratch card games.

Say you are new to online gambling and need to learn more about online scratch cards India. Here’s how to begin.

  • Deposit your online casino account by one of the offered banking options;
  • Among the choices offered on the casino page, pick a scratch card;
  • Choose the card’s price;
  • Click the panels on the screen page to reveal the hidden symbols;
  • Upon winning, take the reward;
  • Play it again to win more exciting rewards.

You must be thinking, “are the results genuine and reliable?”. The online casino, on the other hand, has no control over the odds of winning combination.

RNG determines game outputs totally and randomly. This implies that winnings from online scratch card game are entirely determined by chance and luck, with no benefit from talent or past knowledge.

Why Play Online Scratch Cards?

Compared to traditional scratch cards, online cards have undeniable advantages.

  1. Casino Bonuses and promotion offers

    Online Casino brands compete in luring players into choosing their site above all. So, many Indian lottery and betting websites give a player chance to have fun under the most favourable conditions or for free. While choosing a site, we recomend to find a venue with the best scratch card promotion.

  2. Ease of Playing

    Because of their simplicity and low-cost nature, scratch card game tickets are becoming extremely prevalent, and no concept is needed. This signifies that the only way to win is to scratch the card. It’s all down to luck!

  3. Ability to Win Big

    Many people play online scratch cards for fun; however, others select this game due to the unique opportunity to earn thousands of rupees with less work and money.

    The most significant benefit that online scratch cards India has over other online games is that you may win up to 1,00,000/- INR with a ticket costing about 10/- INR. In other words, with low investment, you can win big.

  4. Inexpensive Investment

    As you can clearly see, playing scratch games online is affordable. Expecting to win at cardboard scratch cards used to imply going through extensive claiming formalities, which frequently cost more than the real reward.

  5. Financial Risks are at Lowest

    Aside from being the cheapest game of this kind, playing scratch cards via the internet does not pose many hazards. Because you are not required to invest a huge amount of money, the possibilities of you committing yourself to significant financial risks are minimal.

  6. Undeniable Accessibility

    You may also play online anytime and anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Aside from that, the growth of online scratch cards India forced programmers and online casinos to build mobile apps for the games.

How To Play Free Scratch Cards Online?

Suppose you are new to online scratch cards. In that case, it is strongly recommended that you refrain from instantaneously playing online scratch cards win real money version.

To figure out the concept, rules and regulations of scratch cards online, you can do the following.

Make use of the Demo Version

Many online casinos offer scratch card games in the demo version which can also be called free online scratch. Although you cannot win any real money when playing for free, free scratch cards will function just as they would if you were to wager real money.

You may choose from a wide variety of scratch card games at online casinos, all of which come with a no-risk demo version. To refine your search, utilize the filtering tools at the top of the game list. Then choose any free game you like to play.

The games are just there for you to test them; you don’t even need to download anything to get started. You may play the games on a pc, laptop, or smartphone.

Do not miss out on promotional offers & bonuses

Several online casinos provide promotional offers and bonuses, and it’s always a good idea to take advantage of the opportunity to optimize your profits. The main benefit of using a welcome bonus is that it increases your odds of winning. With a larger balance to bet with, you have better odds of scoring a huge victory, which will probably result in a successful withdrawal.

However, it’s vital to understand that promotional offers and bonuses are subject to limitations and conditions. For example, suppose you achieve a lucky win utilizing your bonus money. In that case, you may be confronted with a large wagering requirement that must be fulfilled before you can withdraw.

What To Know When Playing Scratch Cards?

First of all, get acquainted with the reward table arrangement before you begin the fun of playing online scratch card games. When you understand this, you will know when to reveal and win your online scratch card.

You must understand the wagering requirements of the game and how these wagering requirements work. Challenging to achieve them can make the game static for you.

You’ll have to understand the bonus icons for the kind of the card you’re playing . Also, keep in mind to play sensibly. Understand that you will not be able to win every scratch card online.

Therefore, before you begin your Scratch cards online game, decide how much you can risk losing. Do not play any further after the limit has been reached.

Scratch Card Odds of Winning

There are different methods of producing probability in real life. Still, we’ll teach you how to use odds, probability, and estimated returns to improve your scratch off tickets odds.

There is a solid reason to purchase all the cards from the same game. When you buy additional cards for the game, your chances of winning money grow. Picture a million tickets in a game with a single large prize:

  • If you buy ten tickets, your odds of winning are one in 100,000.
  • If you buy 100 tickets, your odds of winning grow to 1 in 10,000.
  • Buy 1000 tickets, and your odds of winning climb to 1 in 1000.

What Are the Best Winning Scratch Cards?

The scratch cards with the best RTP are listed below. You may play these quick scratch cards for real money at your favourite online casinos.

1. Lucky Numbers

This one has the best payout of any scratch card, with an RTP of 96.57%. Lucky Numbers is created by Microgaming, which offers scratch card games and gives you opportunities to win for each card you choose.

To play, scratch away the columns digitally, and if you discover three matching symbols, you win. Keep an eye out for multiplier symbols, enhancing your scratch card wins.

2. Whack a Jackpot

Whack a Jackpot has a 96.30% RTP. It is run by the famous scratchcard software company Microgaming,’ which puts a unique twist on your basic scratch card game.

The game is available to all users, with a minimal stake of 40/- INR and a maximum bet of 800/- INR. It also provides excellent value, with top cash prizes of 40,00,000/- INR.

3. Wish Upon a Jackpot

This Wish Upon a Jackpot scratchcard has a 96% RTP. It takes you to a universe similar to Shrek, along with Puss in Boots, a Fairy Godmother, and a talkative gingerbread man.

Glance through the magical orbs (scratch panels) to win a real money scratch card. You win if you find three matching symbols that are them!

4. Merlin’s Millions

Merlin’s Millions have an RTP of 95.17%, allowing players to win a bonus reward on each card played. The game’s prize is a massive amount of Rs. 2 crores, making it a real appeal for those seeking to make it rich.

Merlin’s Millions is suitable for all types of gamblers. Users may spend as low as 15/- INR on this scratch game, with a total bet of 15,000/- INR.

5. Pig Wizard

The Pig Wizard has an RTP of 95.82%. It features a fun theme and Magic, being the systemic thread throughout the gameplay. You will encounter spells, curses, and pigs in costumes.

You’re lucky if your scratchcard reveals three photos of the pig! As a reward, your win will be 100 times your total bet.

6. Playoff Palace

Playoff Palace has an RTP of 94.58%. The ‘Play Off Palace’ game provides the players with a selection of six different scratch cards with a unique jackpot and buying price.

The most affordable card is named ‘Give a Dog a Bonus,’ which costs 15/- INR for each play. This entry-level card has a jackpot of 15,000/- INR; therefore, you won’t be able to purchase a mansion with that!

On the other hand, the most expensive card (400/- INR), ‘Play Off Palace Supermatch’ offers you the opportunity to live like a king with a total reward of 24,00,000/- INR.

7. Crystal Maze

With an RTP of 94.58%, this scratchcard features 6 different sections to play in.

  1. The first section, ‘Contestant Challenge,’ has a 15,000/-INR jackpot.
  2. The second section is ‘Aztec Mask,’ with a top reward of 1300/- INR. This card expenses 30/- INR.
  3. The third card is called ‘Windustrial Zone,’ which charges 40/- INR with a top reward of 4,000/- INR.
  4. The fourth card is ‘Medieval Match,’ which expenses 80/- INR and has a reward of 65,000/- INR.
  5. The fifth game card is ‘Futuristic Treasures,’ with a grand reward of 1,30,000/- INR.
  6. The last card is ‘Crystal Coins,’ which costs 400/- INR and has cash prizes of 24,00,000/-INR.

8. Tic Tac Temple

Tic Tac Temple has an RTP of 93%, giving you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience the Aztec temple.

However, not only will you have an amazing adventure and appreciate the grandeur of old culture, but you will also have fantastic possibilities for significant cash prizes.

The game’s instructions are as basic as necessary: identify a group of matching symbols that deliver handsome payouts.

9. Hand To Hand Combat

Hand To Hand Combat is yet another game from the popular creator Microgaming that should not be overlooked. This game’s usual RTP is 96%, although this figure might fluctuate over time.

The game will let you battle your rival on the hands, but you’ll not need to go outside. If you win, you will get commendable cash prizes. And the overall gameplay is well worth the time.

10. Fruity Flurry

A Fruity Flurry scratchcard with an RTP of 63% prices just 65/- INR and provides you with the opportunity to earn up to 40,00,000/- INR, making it among the best online scratch cards at Lottoland.

The characters here are reminiscent of a conventional slot fruit machine, and matching 3 fruity symbols will earn you a payout. Aside from the jackpot, there are two cash prizes at 16,00,000/- INR each, three more worth 4,00,000/- INR each, and a handful of mid-level prize money to be gained.

Tips To Boost Your Chances to Win a Scratch Card Every Time

Even while we can’t guarantee that you’ll win at scratch offs every time you play, these suggestions will increase your online lottery scratch cards winning chances. Play real money scratch using the following tips.

  1. Don’t Buy the Cheapest Ones

    The wide range of online lottery scratch cards available nowadays is mind-boggling. Those unfamiliar with them may find themselves in a maze.

    We understand that it may be attractive to choose the cheapest tickets, and some individuals will frequently do so. They are, nevertheless, inexpensive for a purpose. The cash prizes are less.

    You might be better off purchasing more expensive scratch cards but fewer. Whenever it comes to scratch cards games online, quality wins quantity every time.

  2. Before You Play for Real Money, Try Out the Free Versions

    You may, realize it or not, play free scratch cards online before risking your real money. This allows you to practice game navigation and prepare for real scratch cards games online.

  3. Make Use of Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    You can play online scratch cards India at several online casinos. They also provide promotional offers, welcome bonuses, and deposit bonuses that may be used to purchase online tickets. In other words, you can win cash prizes using the casino’s funds.

  4. Buy In Bunches

    Purchasing a single scratchcard is worthless because you are unlikely to win with just one ticket. However, according to your budget, you may try buying five scratchies at once.

  5. Keep Your Old Tickets

    You may quickly finish a scratchcard and determine it is a loser. However, do not discard it! You never know when you could see a mistake you committed in the future.

    In rare circumstances, cash prizes are never won; thus the maker asks for losing tickets to select the best loser. It is possible. Don’t be the idiot that throws away a jackpot ticket!

  6. Check The Small Print

    This may seem like guidelines you’d follow when applying for a loan, but it also relates to scratch cards. The small print will frequently inform you of your chances of winning on that particular card. So reading it offers perfect clarity.

In terms of numbers and participation, scratch cards are undoubtedly one of the most popular games among Indian players. Undoubtedly, the huge odds of winning real money cause the player’s participation.


Among professional gamblers, scratch card games can be underestimated because of the simple gameplay. However, Indian players can appreciate these goldies. Packed with massive wins and featuring various game themes, online scratchies are the top alternative to slot games.

To summarize our online scratch cards guide, the experts propose that you follow the abovementioned details. This will improve your winning probabilities and take you closer to becoming the one on scratch cards online winners list.

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Is there a scratch card app?

Yes, there are several scratch card apps available that enable you to make real money on your mobile devices. Search for the apps of the websites listed in our review.

Can you buy real scratch cards online?

You can buy scratch cards online India by visiting Indian online casinos that offer scratch cards.

Which scratch card is most likely to win?

One of the best aspects of choosing the best online scratch cards, which are most likely to win with the best odds of winning, is through its RTP.

Can you play scratch cards on mobile?

You can play scratch cards online on mobile devices by visiting gambling sites or downloading an app.

1. Who are the biggest scratch card winners in India?

Hira Singh won Rs. 400cr from the Mega Millions lottery; Sandeep Singh won Rs. 229 cr from the Mega Millions lottery; Balraj Awasthi won Rs. 93 cr; Pragnesh Peter Saija won Rs. 53 cr from Daily Grand Lottery.