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Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar
Ajith Kumar

Hi, My name is Ajith Kumar, and I’m here at “India Casino” to tell you all about online gambling!

From Teen Patti and Andar Bahar to Live Roulette and Slots - all the secrets are not hidden anymore.

My Personal Profile

My story may seem longer than the river Ganges. It started from a love story Kama Deva is responsible for. I believe it was him who made my Ukrainian mother fall in love with an Indian man from a poor family.

I was born and raised in India, living a simple life but dreaming of becoming as rich as Raja. A young man Ajith picked casinos as a tool for fulfilling this dream.

The Long Way

Started as a simple gambler, year by year, I gained knowledge and experience. Lotteries, Cricket – I mastered all the secrets. I took every chance to visit casinos while travelling and talked to the number of players I lost a count of.

2021 as a life-changing year

I’ve never regretted the importance of the family. So, I visited my relatives in Ukraine every time I had a chance. For now, because of the situation in the world, I live in Ukraine and can’t come back to India for a while. At first, I was devastated, but as a matter of chance, the founders of “India casinos” found me on the Web and offered me a position as the leading expert on their online casino review site.

2022 – Stay Tuned

In 2022, I am working on delivering all my knowledge to my readers. Browse through “India Casinos” play along, and don’t hesitate to contact me.

My Success Story
The Hero
We all write our stories, and I started mine back in India, living with my dad and desperately wishing to help him to wealth. As a curious and rather witty boy, I figure out that casinos and lotteries can become a perfect tool on my way to the goal.
The Quest
As soon as I reached legal age, I started buying online lottery tickets, joining the syndicates, and winning my first real money. The second step was finding the best online casinos offering no deposit bonuses - so that I could win without spending a rupee. Then, implementing the strategies I read on the Internet, I managed to win decent money every time I played.
The Tipping point
Travelling and exploring the world of gambling became my passion. I visited almost all the famous casinos worldwide. However, forced by the situation in the world, I stopped travelling and reunited with my Ukrainian family.
Happy End
As I was active on various casino review sites and blogs, the founders of India Casinos offered me to become a leading expert on their website. So, here am I, a humble man, sharing all my knowledge and thoughts. Explore India casinos site and visit my "Gambling Geek Blog" on the same website!

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