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Sic Bo Online
Updated: 28.05.2023

Sic Bo Online – Learn How You Play Dice in India and Succeed in It

Dice is a common symbol of luck. Most people associate dice games with testing their luck and getting huge, easy winnings. Sic Bo online definitely confirms this statement. This elementary three-dice game will excite you with its fun gameplay. Meanwhile, you can develop your bet-placing strategy to leave the table with full pockets. You win once you guess the output of the dies’ rolling.

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What is Online Sic Bo?

When you decide to try Sic Bo India, you enter the space of pure luck. Your luck dictates whether you will finally become a winner. The game occurs from Ancient China and got several versions through time. It is not the most popular dice game, but it got a special spot in the casino world and the hearts of lots of Indian gamers.

The present-day edition utilizes three dice and a particular betting table. Dice rolls are random and happen under the Random Number Generator operation. The output is straight luck. There is no way to influence the upshot of dice rolling. However, you can learn all betting odds and wisely manage your bets by applying a particular bet-placing strategy.

This game is popular as virtual Sic Bo and live dealer Sic Bo. The Live casino section has a peculiar variant of the game – Super Sic Bo online. Its distinguishing feature is that it lays multipliers up to 1000x on random bets. Other qualities are identical.

Online Sic Bo Rules

Sic Bo is a splendid variant for relaxing and having fun at home or on the move. The whore round takes up to half a minute. You don’t need to take any complex actions. Its rules are plain:

  1. open the page with Sic Bo online
  2. locate your virtual chips on the board so that they express your predictions
  3. click on the “Play” icon
  4. see the output of the dies’ roll and obtain your win
  5. click on the “Reset” icon to repeat

If you decide to change placed bets in the process before you clicked on Play, you can “undo” your previous move or “clear” all bets and start over again.

Sic Bo Basics

All you must do is assume what particular event can happen – what numbers a dice roll will display on the upper sides. In the Sic Bo online game, you have two basic ways of betting. You either guess a definite sum of all three figures or guess those figures separately.

The whole gameplay develops on the table. You make your predictions on defined spots. In the corner, you can see all dice in a special shaker. It is also convenient that the game calculates and highlights everything itself, and you need only to watch. If your predictions are right, it shows you the total of your win and adds it to your gaming balance.

Sic Bo Table

The table is the key gaming attribute in the Sic Bo online game. It has a unique layout that provides spots to lay your chips on. The background is usually green or red with white or red markings.

In the middle, you can see the line with numbers from 4 to 17 that stand for particular sums of dies. Above the line, you can discover the pictures of dies that stand for combos of repeated sides and two large cells for dies up to a certain sum and from it. Below the line, you can detect the pictures of dies that stand for combos of different sides and an exact side. These are all possible dice-rolling outcomes. Near each spot, you can also see the payout for this bet.

Sic Bo Dice

Another main gaming attribute for Sic Bo is a die. Well, three dice, to be precise. Each dice has sides with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 dots. A special dome-shaped box that contains all dice is often transparent. When you push the “Play” button or the dealer activates it, it shakes the dice. When it stops, three upper sides of the dies determine the output of the round.

How to Play Sic Bo

Once you opt to play Sic Bo online real money in Indian casinos, your aims include having fun and winning. There are given ways to achieve these goals, and it’s up to you to select your how-to-play strategy:

  • go low-risk – pick bets that bear the most chances to become successful and enjoy small 1:1 payouts;
  • go medium-risk – combine different types of bets to cover more options and get bigger payouts but lose more in case of failed bets as well;
  • go high-risk – pick bets that bear few chances of success but enjoy tremendous payouts in case of winning.

You can determine what strategy suits you the most if you try all of them in free Sic Bo online. You can readily pick one, rotate them, or combine them in any comfortable way.

Sic Bo Betting Options

The primary rule of the game is clear – the more accurate your prediction appears in the upshot, the larger sum you win. A crucial piece to find out about Sic Bo is the betting list that you can lay to express your prediction. The table layout contains the next options:

  • SMALL – this spot stands for any cumulative amount that falls under the range from 4 to 10; the payout is 1:1;
  • BIG – this spot stands for any cumulative amount that falls under the range from 11 to 17; the payout is 1:1 as well;
  • Single dies – these six spots stand for a definite side from 1 to 6 that can appear on one, two, or all three dies with payouts of 1:1, 2:1, and 3:1 correspondingly;
  • Two dice combo – these fifteen spots include all combos of different sides on two dies with the payout of 6:1;
  • Double dies – these six spots stand for two identical sides from 1 to 6 on two dies with the payout of 11:1;
  • Triple dies – this spot includes a combo of any three identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dies with the payout of 30:1;
  • Dice sum – these fourteen spots have a definite cumulative sum of three numbers from 4 to 17 and provide payouts from 6:1 for medial sums to 60:1 for uttermost sums;
  • Specific triple dies – these six spots stand for three identical sides from 1 to 6 on all dice with the payout of 180:1.

In the Sic Bo online casino round, Specific Triple stands for only one combination that needs to appear to make a bet win. Thus, it has the weakest odds with the utmost payout. On the opposite side, SMALL and BIG contain 105 possible combinations. If one loses, the other wins, and only triple dies, unsuccessfully for both bets. Thus, they possess the largest odds with the smallest payouts.

Is It Legal to Play Online Sic Bo in India?

Like in many countries, laws in India have a so-called “grey area” concerning online gambling. It means that there are no particular laws that forbid you to access the website with the game. The online casino’s registration should be outside India, and the site should also accept rupees. So when you decide to relish Sic Bo India, find a reputable and licensed online gambling platform that matches these criteria.

Playing Virtual or Live Sic Bo

Most table games have virtual and live versions, and Sic Bo is no exception. You can discover many Sic Bo online casino titles from leading gaming developers in the live casino section of the site. Both variants bring a quality gaming experience. Both have flaws and benefits.

In the virtual variant, your time belongs to you. You can place and replace bets as long as you need. You are the one who activates the shaker. You can study your statistics, make up various strategies, pause and make some tea, and the game will wait on the same moment you left it. However, this freedom costs you the reality.

The live dealer Sic Bo is more about being in the moment. The casino broadcasts the game in a live stream, and you face a real person who is in control. The live dealer accepts the bets that you lay on your screen and activates the shaker. This human croupier follows each action with corresponding gaming signs and gestures. You can also chat with other participants and with the croupier. The pace of the game is fast and stable. While it bounds you to the game, it also feels incredibly realistic and thrilling.

Play Sic Bo for Real Money vs. Free

Many online platforms offer you an opportunity to try free Sic Bo online. This format has certain benefits:

  • you can test different betting methods
  • you simply play risk-free and just have fun
  • you can try several Sic Bo titles or versions and pick the most suitable one
  • you can study rules and bets

The free demo version has all features of the real cash game but one – you cannot win real money, and everything you win is simply useless. So you can use a demo as a practice stage to get ready for real winnings.


Among different Casino Games played in India, Sic Bo is special due to its speed, simplicity, and interesting bets. A pure chance decides whether three dice will roll in your favor. Meanwhile, you decide what bets you can exercise to cover both good odds and good payouts. Moreover, you can relish the live version of the game and dive into the realistic atmosphere of casino rush and anxiety. Sic Bo online promises a gaming experience that you will not regret.

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How do you play Sic Bo online?

You place your virtual chips on particular spots on the Sic Bo table and then push "Play" to roll three dice.

How do you win the Sic Bo game?

You lay bets according to your prediction about the dice roll numbers. You win when your prediction is correct.

How does Sic Bo work?

The rolling of three dice defines the outcome. When dice stop, they show three numbers. Guessing those numbers is the players' goal.

How do you predict Sic Bo?

All bets have certain odds. You can manage your bets according to their odds/payouts ratio or rely on your intuition.

How do you play Super Sic Bo?

You lay bets trying to predict the result of three-dice rolling, and some bets can randomly have a multiplier up to 1000x.