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Live Baccarat
Updated: 28.05.2023

Live Baccarat Game: Rules & Winning Strategies

The journey of this classic card game from Baccarat to Baccarat Live online has been impeccable. Baccarat caught on owing to its simple & affordable nature. It holds the lowest house edge compared to the other available card games, and it’s easy to maximize your chances of winning if you understand how the game unravels.

Best Live Baccarat Casinos India 2023

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What Makes Top Live Baccarat Sites in India?

Owing to the abundance of live baccarat online sites, it is quite natural for players to be confused about the baccarat sites they should be investing in. We have prepared a consolidated list of features that any top live baccarat site would hold. This will help you make an informed decision and save you from fraudulent sites.

  • Licensed Live Baccarat Website

    The first and foremost thing to do is invest in a licensed and registered website. A licensed live online baccarat website exhibits a high reputation.

  • Rely on customer reviews

    The best way to choose a baccarat online live website is to check their reviews. Reviews are shared by players based on their own experience. Make sure the online baccarat live casino that you choose has positive reviews.

  • Customer Service

    Customer support is an important factor and cannot be disregarded when choosing a Baccarat Live Casino or betting site. Instant & valuable customer support in times of dispute holds great importance. Only customer support will help you solve the grievances. That is why you should not compromise on this factor.

  • Availability of games

    An attractive & extensive live gaming lobby is a big pro. Make sure there is a variety of games available. The betting site must comprise games for beginners as well as professionals.

  • Bonuses

    Make sure that the baccarat betting site you choose is offering bonuses & cashback consistently. This keeps a player engaged and shows how much a site cares about retaining its customers.

How To Play Online Live Baccarat?

Online live Baccarat is not a difficult game to play, but only when you understand the basic rules. Playing Baccarat will become a cakewalk when you understand these points and hit the table with full confidence:

  • You have three alternatives in Live Baccarat: the Banker, the Player, or the Tie. Before the cards are dealt, a player should put their wagers on either choice.
  • The goal is to guess which of the two will end up with the highest score. Or will the game conclude in a stalemate?
  • When the betting period is over, both the player and the Banker are given two cards.
  • A score is computed based on the cards in each hand. All tens and face cards are for zero points; all other cards are worth their face value, except the ace, which is worth one point. The highest score in Live Baccarat is 9.
  • If a hand’s initial digit exceeds this, the hand’s first digit is discarded. If a hand has a total score of 12, the “1” is removed from the equation, leaving a final score of 2. A hand with a score of 16 has a final score of 6, whereas a hand with a score of 10 has a 0 final score.
  • You will win if you placed your bets on the choice that ended up with the highest score!

How to bet on Online Live Baccarat Casino Game?

There are two sorts of bets in the game: common bets and side bets. Wagering on the Banker, player, or tie to win are common bets that are placed in each game. Side bets are optional, and while they usually have a high payout compared to the standard bets, they are less likely to win and have a higher house edge.

Players’ bet decisions might also be influenced by the baccarat table. Smaller tables are more frantic, which means your money will last for less time. If players play at baccarat tables with large wager limits, they can quickly lose their whole bankroll in a few games.

The side bets that are accessible to you are determined by several factors. It all depends on what type of live Baccarat casinos you have invested in, along with the service provider. However, there are a few standard side bets that may be found at online casino Baccarat tables.

  • P Pair: If the Player’s first two cards form a pair, the payout is 11:1.
  • B Pair: If the Banker’s first two cards form a pair, the payout is 11:1.
  • Either Pair: Pays 5:1 if the Banker or Player’s first two dealt cards form a pair.
  • If the first two dealt cards to either the Banker or the Player are a suited pair, the payout is 25:1.
  • If the Banker’s hand totals six, the Super 6 pays 12:1.

Live Baccarat Software

Below mentioned are some of the best Live Baccarat Software Providers that you can look for for a great online gaming experience:

  1. Net Entertainment

    Net Entertainment’s software has earned honors, and after a few games of the classic punto banco, you’ll realize why. Because of the software’s current style and ease of use, Net-Ent is the baccarat supplier of choice for most new casinos these days.

  2. IGT Baccarat

    IGT is most known for its large selection of slot machines, but as you can see, they also excel in table games.

  3. Play ‘N Go Baccarat

    Play N Go is known for its sleek, fluid casino games, and Baccarat is no different; it’s been given the Play ‘N Go treatment, and the result is a delight to play, win or lose!

  4. Microgaming Baccarat

    Microgaming is the most well-known casino game publisher, and their baccarat version is flawless, as one would expect. The best thing about the software is the user-friendly interface that it offers.

Live Baccarat Payment Methods

Live Baccarat game includes payment options on various platforms. It depends on the player which platform they use and how they want the payment to be transferred. Some of the payment options are:

  • Paytm
  • Paypal
  • Google Pay
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Skrill
  • E-wallets
  • Neteller

Popular Live Dealer Baccarat Games India

There are a lot of live dealer Baccarat sites that extend various versions of standard Baccarat. High-end software developers develop these versions. Let’s take a look:

  • Prestige Baccarat

    Launched in 2016 by software provider Playtech Prestige Baccarat is a brilliant live dealer genre of conventional Baccarat. The game was developed to submerge the players with the help of varied camera views and the possibility of replay. Prestige baccarat extends benefits, including supported side bets, a genuine studio environment, and squeeze feature along with high-level video & audio quality paired with a multi-language interface.

  • Baccarat No Commission

    Another version of traditional Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat is an effort to remove the odd fee, which is separated from the bets of the winning bankers. However, the rule is not as simple as it sounds. It comes with a price to pay.

  • Topaz Speed Baccarat

    Developed and administered by Playtech is the most long-established arrangement. The stream is acquired from purpose-built studios of the company with tables created especially for this. All this comprises space for large playing cards in the usual format. The dealer introduces the game skilfully in a very uncomplicated way, and all hands are wrapped up in just 12 seconds- highlighting the main feature, which is the speed of this variant as it takes less than half of the time as that of a usual hand.

  • Baccarat Squeeze

    Set in motion by high-end software developers like Evolution gaming, the Baccarat squeeze is a perfect example of a fascinating variant of standard Baccarat. This version doesn’t play with standard Baccarat rules but adds a pinch of suspense to the usual gameplay.

    The card is placed face down on the table, steadily inclining crooking to each side to reveal the unknown outcome in the HD close-up video.

  • VIP Live Baccarat Games

    Again, changing nothing about the gameplay, VIP Baccarat is not very different from the usual Baccarat. The only difference is that VIP Baccarat is superior, swifter, expensive, and more exclusive than standard Baccarat. The number of seats is limited as well. The gameplay & RTP remain the same, and changes are the table’s vibe.

  • Mini Baccarat

    Mini Baccarat is a traditional Baccarat launched by Playtech. Instead, it is designed in a minimized window while also letting you explore other games, betting odds, portfolios, facts, etc. The software uses a very easy-to-understand table, which is visible in a small window.

Live baccarat in an online casino adds a new level of excitement to the game. You may typically interact with other players and even the dealers in addition to putting your bets. This offers a fun, light-hearted environment to play in. Live Baccarat is an easy game, and several online casinos can help you enjoy playing and winning extra money with this game of chance.

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How many betting positions are there on the baccarat table?

On a single live baccarat table, there are a total of 14 betting positions which are further equally distributed between players & the dealers.

Where can I play online baccarat?

There are a number of online casinos where you can play Live Baccarat. We recomend you choose 1 of the websites featured on this page.

Is it possible to make money playing baccarat?

Live Baccarat bettors have a decent chance of winning money because of the minimal house margin, relatively even odds between the dealer and the player, and an average payout of 98%.

Is always wagering on bankers in the Live Baccarat game the right approach?

The banker bet has the highest chance of winning, at 45.87 %, when compared to the player and tie bets, which had 44.63% and 9.51% chances of winning, respectively.

What is a house advantage in Baccarat live?

The Banker bet has a house edge of 1.06 %, whereas the Player bet has a house edge of 1.24 %. In casinos, tie bets are frequently paid 8-1, resulting in a 9.5%house margin.