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Online Cricket
Updated: 28.05.2023

All In One Cricket Online Betting Guide 2023 India

We are crazy about cricket, and the secret is no other than the hype cricket brings along every time on the screen. This never-ending passion for Cricket in india has made online cricket betting so popular and one of the most sought-after types of passtime. If you’re someone who lives and breathes cricket, it’s your chance to make money out of your passion with zero hassles.

In recent years, cricket online betting in India has seen a spike in the number of bettors but not everyone knows where to start. Below, we’ll cover the best cricket betting sites to live cricket betting and everything in between.

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Online cricket betting in India

Best Online Betting Sites in India

With the presence of plenty of cricket online betting sites in India, online cricket betting was never as easy as today. However, not every site or online betting app for cricket in India is made for you, especially if you’re keen to find the best out of all. For this reason, we’ve tested a number of venues, so you don’t spend hours browsing the best online cricket betting sites in India.


We all know how frustrating it gets when a site takes decades to load, offering a poor user experience. That is why, choose the best user-friendly cricket betting site that offers world-class usability, has everything sorted and helps you browse through sections intuitively.

Safety and Security

Obviously, gambling comes with numerous security concerns, but not if you’re lucky enough to find a licensed and encrypted website that offers responsible gambling. Before registering, make sure to check the cricket betting site licenses, reviews of the current users and site reputation on different betting forums.

Customer Support

Customer support can make or break the overall impression of a betting site. Not only is it the prerequisite for any gambling platform but also the easiest way to make players happy. For this reason, always look for an online cricket betting site that offers quality customer support with a variety of options to reach them, from live chats to email and phone numbers.

Welcome Bonus

If you’ve ever played in an online casino, you would probably know what a welcome bonus is. Most cricket online betting sites in India open arms for their players with a welcome bonus to help them kickstart their cricket betting journey. From cash rewards, deposit bonuses, cashback, free bets to other promotions, choose a betting site that hooks you through luxurious bets and promotions.

Deposit Methods

Indians are very sceptical when it comes to playing with real money online, and it’s a good thing for sure. To be on the safe side, make sure to check for fast, secure and easy withdrawal methods available. The more the deposit and withdrawal methods will be, the easier it will be for you to choose the most convenient and safest one.

Most Indians prefer UPI, Paytm, or bank transfers because of their reputation as world-class leading payment methods.

There’s no hard and fast rule to start betting online, but all it requires is a smooth internet connection, ID card and your interest to bet. As long as you have a strategic plan, logical support and instinct power, no one can stop you from earning through online betting.

Online Cricket Betting Live Odds

As one of the most unpredictable sports, cricket comes with different betting odds which is important to study if you’re planning to place bets. The odds determine the outcome of the match and tell if you will win or lose the bet. Given the online cricket betting live odds, the site will make payouts on your betting option, which is why you should choose a site with high betting odds.

live betting

Live Betting Option

If you’re a fan of live cricket betting, choose the best live cricket betting site to register. From watching live cricket streaming to betting on every single ball, live cricket betting is surely a heck of fun if you get the chance to bet. Whichever site you choose, make sure it has live cricket betting, multiple betting markets, live commentary, live scorecards, ball by ball update, cricket sportsbook etc.

You need an online cricket betting site that’s user friendly, secure and licensed, and offers lots of bonuses. The good news is that you can get all that in one place with the help of the best cricket online betting sites in India we feature on our site.

Online Cricket Satta Rates: What Affects The Online Cricket Betting Live Odds

It’s no surprise that higher odds indirectly increase your chances of winning the bet with maximum profits. This is why most bettors seek a cricket betting site that offers high odds, but not all that glitters is gold.

There is only a slight variation between the odds of cricket matches. This made us curious to compare the online cricket satta rates of most popular betting sites and study the factors that affect the online cricket betting live odds. However, you should still check the online cricket betting live odds of the sit you’re planning to register and make sure if it offers long-term profit or not.

Factors that influence live cricket betting satta rates

Bear in mind that following things make a difference:

  1. The team’s form
  2. Their player history
  3. Head to head records
  4. Average score on the ground
  5. Weather conditions

Live Cricket Betting Online: How To Make The Most Of It

Live cricket betting is no doubt the all-time favourite online betting type where you bet live on the game. Nothing can be more interesting than watching your favourite players breaking records four and sixes shots, leaving everyone in awe.

With live cricket betting, you can experience the same goose-bumps and nerve-wracking moments, particularly when your favourite team wins the match. Unfortunately, there are only a few safest betting sites in India that offer live betting, but the number is increasing as more and more Indians step into the world of gambling. To have an amazing live cricket betting experience; make sure you choose a modern cricket live betting platform, and have a smooth internet connection. Also, it’s better to check if you’ve access to the live streaming options along with game statistics, analysis, commentary and players playing the game.

Live Betting Markets During The in-play Betting Feature

The variety in cricket betting features is what makes online betting so exciting and gripping in India. Over the years, cricket online betting sites in India have discovered numerous cricket bets, but we’ll only discuss those that almost every site includes.

  1. Runs in An Over

    As the name says, the betting feature asks you to predict the number of runs that will be made in the first over of the match. In this type, you bet on a specific number or amount of runs scored by the players in the first 6 balls of the match.

  2. Odds/even Runs

    It’s very similar to the first type of cricket wager as you anticipate whether the total runs scored by the team will be in odd or even numbers. Surprisingly, cricket online betting also accepts 0 as an even number, so you can bet on that too.

  3. Wickets in an over

    In this type of wager, you choose the option of either yes or no by predicting if the bowler will get any ticket in an over or not.

  4. Boundaries In An Over

    In this type of wager, all you need to do is predict the boundaries, which means 6 balls in an over of the winning team. If you make the right guess, you win and get the payout.

Popular Cricket Bets

Now that you know the common in-play betting features of Cricket online betting, it’s time to step ahead of the game by knowing the most popular cricket bets. Unlike ordinary bets, these cricket bets are easy to place, come with high profits and the least risk. Whether you’re new to cricket online betting or doing it for years, don’t hesitate to expand your betting catalogue by trying out these cricket bets.

  • Match Betting: Remember when you used to bet on your favourite team with your friends in exchange for a small reward. Match betting works the same. Most people bet on this cricket wager when they are sure about the winning team and want to try their luck by betting.
  • Completed Match: This might sound like a new type of cricket bet for you. In this bet, you bet on the option of whether the match will be completed in one day or more. To bet on the match, bettors take many factors into consideration, especially the weather condition of the place.
  • Tied Match: The next simple bet type is the tied match, in which players guess if the match will be tied or not. In this wager, you’ll either bet on yes or no by guessing the outcome of the bet.
  • Innings Runs: As the name says, the inning run type of wager in which you as a bettor predict the total number of runs scored in the match. If you guess correctly, you’ll win the betting amount placed before.
  • Top Bowler: Top bowler is the ideal betting option for those who want to bet on their favourite players. If your favourite player wins the game, you’ll win the bet as well as the money. Here, you’re open to choosing a player from any of your favourite teams and getting rewarded with the payout if the guess is correct.
  • Top Batsman: If you’re more into batting when it comes to cricket, the top batsman betting type is the perfect option for you. In this bet, you bet on the player with the maximum chances to make fours and sixers during the match.
  • Team of Top Batsman: This is the second version of a top batsman bet in which you get the flexibility to bet on the team that has the winning player in it. This way, you can limit your choices and choose the team from where the top batsman will come.
  • Bowler Match Bets: Bowler match bets are somewhat similar to the top batsman as you choose one player (inning batsman) from either team and bet on him. You can also choose more than one player that is supposed to take the highest number of wickets in the game.
  • Batsman Match Bets: It’s the opposite of bowler match bets as you bet on a batsman who will score the highest runs during the game. In this type of wager, you’ll choose one player from either team who has the most scoring in the game.
  • Tournament Outright Winner: Betting on an outright tournament winner is like targeting with eyes closed. In this type of wager, you bet on the winning team of the tournament before even the game starts. The type of bet is made from the sportsbook where you choose and bet on the winning team.
  • Over/ under Score: Over/underscore the easiest type of cricket bet as you calculate an estimate of the total score the winning team will make in a single match. It’s pretty simple as all you have to do is guess if the final score will either be over or under the amount you bet in the sportsbook.

Cricket Betting Tournaments

Cricket Betting Top Tournaments

Cricket is a popular world-class game ruling the hearts of hundreds of millions of cricket enthusiasts from all over the world. From cricket World cup, T20 internationals, Ashes series, Indians are crazy about cricket tournaments, especially when their favourite player is on the screen. Here’s a quick breakdown of the most popular cricket betting top tournaments.

Indian Premier League

Also known as IPL, it is one of the most hyped, popular and loved cricket tournaments among Indians to relive their spirit. With so many players participating in IPL, it is undoubtedly a gold mine with amazing cricket online betting opportunities for players to bet and win real money online.. When the IPL season comes, most gambling sites add IPL betting opportunities to their catalogue and let bettors make the best out of their passion.

T20 World Cup

If there’s a tournament that unifies all the big nations and brings them on the same page, it is none other than the T20 World Cup. From India and Australia to England and South Africa, it’s your time to bet on your favourite cricket player and change of fate.
The best part is that you can apply any of the bet types and still be at the least risk as the World Cup opens arms for bettors by rewarding them.


Cricket is more than an ordinary sport when it comes to the decades-old healthy competition between Pakistan and India or known as Ashes.

Millions of Indians count the days for Ashes to start, and watching the two enthusiastic teams play cricket is surely a treat for the eye. The joy gets doubled when you have the opportunity to bet on your favourite team and cross your fingers for their wins.

As one of the oldest cricket rivalries, Ashes becomes the pride of nearly every betting site with hundreds of betting opportunities for bettors.

Caribbean Premier League

The Caribbean premier league has a flag with symbols of 6 different who participate in the tournament.

It’s one of the best smash-hit cricket tournaments where players make record-breaking wins for their viewers and fans. The roaring popularity of the Caribbean’s Premier League opened arms for bettors with a multitude of golden opportunities for bettors to try their luck with a bit of instinct power.

Big Bash League

Like the name, Big bash league is another kick-ass worldwide popular cricket tournament played among enthusiastic Australians and other international players. Although the format is pretty similar to T20, it still gives some of the most profitable betting chances for bettors. But there’s something more interesting about the Bish Bash league, which is that you can play on your favourite online cricket betting sites in Indian rupees.

European Cricket League

As the flag depicts, the European cricket league is another treat for Indian cricket freaks to get their betting on the road. It is a 50-over-one-day cricket tournament. That lets both players and bettors enjoy themselves at their fullest and in real money online. Although it is a bit new, the level of hype and popularity ECL has received is unmatched compared to its sibling tournaments.

Legal Betting in India

Gambling has always been a matter of doubt, especially when it comes to cricket online betting in India. If it’s your first time betting, you’ll probably be asking whether online cricket betting is legal in India or not. So, let’s make things simple.

There are approximately 28 states in India; however, only a few of them prohibit betting in India. This means you won’t find yourself behind bars if found betting, except in states that restrict betting culture.

legal betting in india

Let’s look through the legal perspective, there hasn’t been any law passed in India, yet that announces punishment for betting.

When we look into Indian laws, we don’t see any recent gambling law, which is why we’ll take the decades-old public gambling act of 1856 law. According to PGA, starting, running or providing a gambling house in India is strictly prohibited to maintain law in the country. This means you can play and perform online cricket betting on a third party platform without any complications.

Although there is no such grey area for gambling, the government still keeps an eye on the illegally wagered money.

Lastly, we would like to quote a statement from the law commission on July 18 that says you can perform safe gambling from any licensed and regulated site that offers responsible gambling.

If a complete ban is unenforceable, the only viable way to deal with gambling is via effective regulation – (page 115 9.8)

This is the latest gambling law passed yet and followed by all the individual gamblers and big gambling names in the industry.

How to Bet on Cricket Online

Betting on cricket online is easier than it sounds and looks, especially when you have so many amazing cricket online betting sites in India. Whether you have to bet on a single match or whole tournament, it’s never too late to try your luck!

Follow these steps to bet on cricket online today:

  1. Search for the best, most suitable and licensed Cricket online betting site in India that has all the betting options that you want.
  2. Create your bettor account, thereby giving all the required information.
  3. Deposit a specific amount that the casino will return to you later in the form of a welcome bonus.
  4. Once done, check out the available betting markets and games with high winning odds.
  5. Place your first bet and hope you win.

Online Cricket Betting Tips and Strategies

When it comes to cricket betting, nothing can predict what can happen in the future, even in the next ball. This makes Cricket betting one of the most unpredictable, especially when you have online cricket betting tips with you.

Weather Condition

Every year, millions of cricket fans and lovers travel to experience live cricket in different countries, and that’s where our first strategy lies. Before you make your bet, make sure to consider where the match is being played and its weather conditions.

In case the weather doesn’t turn out favorable for the players, the match might get postponed, which also reminds us of the completed match type of betting. The weather factors also say a lot about the outcome of the game, as windy weather might be the favourite for the bowler but not for the batsman.

Other factors

Besides this, there are many other factors that determine the outcome of the game. From ground size, pitch reports, and team playing history to others, it’s important to evaluate different factors when betting on your favourite team and player.


Cricket online betting is full of thrills, excitement and money-making opportunities for players to invest least and earn the most with the help of the safest cricket online betting sites in India. In India, the love for cricket betting has passed from generation to generation, making it the go-to option for those who love to make real-money online.

With rising technology, Indian cricket betting has become way more advanced than ever before, introducing the new trend of ‘’betting in comfort’’.

The best thing? You can customize the bets as per your desire but make sure to always keep the winning odds high and go for long term profits instead of short term handles.

Busting the myth, you don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune on cricket online betting but only a handful of online cricket betting tips to ace your bets.Luckily, there are many safest online cricket betting sites in India rupees where you can bet with a minimum amount of 1000 rs.

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Is Online Cricket Betting Legal In India?

Truth be told, online cricket betting is legal in India if you're over 18 and do not have a betting house. You can also check our cricket online betting sites in India or do your share of homework to find the best ones for yourself. Whether you're a die-heart fan of cricket or trying your hand for the first time, online cricket betting is legal in India.

Can you win real money betting on cricket?

Yes, you can win real money betting on cricket with the best and safest cricket online betting site in India. When you register on the site, it offers you a loaded welcome bonus followed by a list of other promotions and rewards. Other than that, such betting sites in indian rupees allow you to place bets on your favourite players or teams and real money online without legal complication. The only condition is to choose a trustworthy betting site with good reviews and a credible reputation on the internet.

What are cricket betting odds, and how do they work?

To put it simply, odds are the probability of the ultimate outcome of the match you've bet on. Usually, odds in cricket betting are calculated by the number of bets placed, weather conditions, player history and other factors. As a golden rule, always place bets with balanced odds, neither too high nor too low.

Is there any difference between odds, rates and price?

Odds are the probability of winning the bet, expressed in numerical values, while price and rate is the amount you've to pay to make a bet as specified in the sportsbook. As a good rule of thumb, check all three before you place the bet in any match.