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Dragon Tiger Live
Updated: 28.05.2023

Dragon Tiger Live India | Tips, Payouts & Rules

Dragon Tiger marked its spectacular admittance to the extensive gaming area in 2018, and ever since, its popularity has only grown. Accelerating admiration accompanied by the appeal of the internet gave rise to Dragon tiger live in online casinos. Widely known as the “Two-card Baccarat version”, the game reached its peak due to its direct & swift nature of play.

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What is Live Dragon Tiger?

Dragon Tiger live is a simple game that has gained soaring popularity amongst Asian players. However, while the players in Asia love the oriental theme, Indian players are inclined toward the uncomplicated nature of this game. It’s on the list os top India Games, along with Andar Bahar, Teen Patti, Jhandi Munda and Rummy.

Dragon Tiger Live Gaming Process

The process of this game is quick and smooth, and it takes only 25 seconds to wrap it up. Played with a deck of 52 cards, excluding joker or wildcards dragon tiger live casino game can be easily understood and played even if you are an amateur. It is played with 6 or 8 decks of cards in a shoe, and players have a choice between Dragon or Tiger. Moving ahead, the live dealers draw one card from both sides. Results of the game are determined based on the highest cards. Aces are considered the lowest in rank, and the remaining cards are categorized based on their actual value, the king being the highest. In simpler words, Dragon Tiger is an adept of Baccarat live casino games India 2023 merged with the basics of Casino War.

It is essential to bring to your notice that Dragon Tiger live casino game dealers administer the whole game thoroughly. They are extremely capable of balancing the standby time required to lay down the bet and increase the number of games. As astounding as it sounds, 6 rounds within 2 minutes are possible with the help of an expert dealer. We have solved your query of “What is Dragon Tiger?” now, let’s move on to another important question “How to play Dragon Tiger Live?”

How to play Dragon Tiger Live?

Dragon Tiger live cannot be categorized into those complicated card games which require a long time to win and an even longer time to participate in the game. This game of chance is essentially an amalgamation of baccarat and casino wars. More explicitly, two cards are drawn from the sets of Dragon & Tiger. The Player lays his bet on which one will be higher. Some bets are also placed on individual cards. If they win, they are paid even money.

As we proceed with depth analysis of this game, you will understand how easy this game is, indicating a lower house edge compared to other games, as there can be only 3 results: tiger wins, the dragon wins, or a tie. While Dragon Tiger live might not be very complicated, there is always room for improvement and an increase in the chance of you winning the game. For this to happen, you need to understand the game backward.

live dragon tiger game

Rules of Dragon Tiger Live Casino Game

List of basic rules for the Dragon Tiger online game:

  1. First and foremost, Aces are consistently ranked low; therefore, the order of cards is always low to high. Kings are ranked the highest.
  2. In the event of Dragon & Tiger getting the same rank, the hand result is considered a “TIE”. In case of a tie, the house takes half wager, and in other cases, the high card wins, and the low card loses.
  3. The Player also gets an option to bet on the “TIE” with commencing bet on any side. The game is declared a Tie when the Dragon and Tiger get the same rank card.
  4. A single card is given to both Dragon and Tiger hands.
  5. The wager is paid at a variance of 1 to 1.
  6. Tie wager is paid at a variance of 10 to 1.
  7. At the beginning of the game, the dealer must burn one card and deal one card on both sides. If there has been an error in card placement during the deal, the hand will be reconstructed.

Other proposition bets are accessible. We have explained them below:

  1. Dragon/Tiger. The bets on Dragon or Tiger will if the chosen hand receives a high card. Ties situation leads you to lose half and has a house edge of 3.73%.
  2. Tie. The Tie bet will only win in the case where Dragon & Tiger cards get an equal rank. Here the payout for the reward is 8 to 1 with a very high house edge of 32.77%.
  3. Suited Tie. A suited tie wraps up when Dragon & Tiger cards are equal in rank and a suit. You will receive a payback of 50%. This one holds a house edge of 13.98%.
  4. Big/Small. The Player might bet in favor of a particular card being over or under seven. In case the card chosen is exactly 7, the Player loses the bet. Wins will pay even money. The house edge for this one is 7.69%.
  5. Odd/Even. All the tables do not offer odd/Even bets. Instead, they are mathematically similar to Big/Small bets. The rest of the ranks are divided between six evens & six odds.
  6. Red/Black. This pair of bets is also mathematically similar to Big/Small. The emergence of 7 means loss for both bets.
  7. Suit. With the house edge of 7.69%, the suit bet offers a winning pay of 3 to 1. Nonetheless, if the card emerges 7, the Player will automatically lose the wager.
  8. Two Red/Two black. Many providers offer a side bet where both cards will either be red or black. In the event of a tie, the player loses half the wager irrespective of the colors. The reasoning for the two black is the same as red with a house edge of 3.73%.
  9. One Red/one Black. One Red/One black, a side bet in which the Player wins if one card is red, the other will be black. This leads to half loss, irrespective of the colour of the cards. This one carries a house edge of 3.73%

Live Dragon Tiger Bets and Payouts

Bet on Payout Odds
Tiger Hand 1:1 gets 50% of the bet in case of Tie
Dragon Hand 1:1 gets 50% of the bet in case of Tie
Bet on Tie 8:1 When Dragon & Tiger have the same hand rank value
Heart Suit 3:1 Bet either on the dragon or a tiger
Spade Suit 3:1 Bet either on the dragon or a tiger
Club Suit 3:1 Bet either on the dragon or a tiger
Odd Bet 1:1 bet on Dragon hand (left) or Tiger hand (right) with an Odd number value, you lose if the result is 7
Even Bet 1:1 bet on Dragon hand (left) or Tiger hand (right) with an even number value, you lose if the result is 7.
Diamond suit 3:1 You wager on dragon or tiger

How to Win Dragon Tiger live casino game?

Despite the game simplicity, experienced players managed to work out Dragon Tiger winning strategy that always work.

  1. An appropriate way to maximize your chance to win is to laying your bets only on Dragon or Tiger. This gives you a 50 % chance to win each time.
  2. Even though tie bets have high payouts, it is recommended that you do not go for the same. Standard tie bets provide a payout of 11:1, and suited Tie pays out 50:1. Even if you can make 11 or 50 straight tie wagers in continuation, your chances of actually winning at a tie or suited Tie are very few.
  3. Irrespective of what you have heard about betting systems in Live Dragon tiger, please refrain from using them as they don’t work.
  4. Instead of zooming into the game, it’s better to take your time, examine and implement strategies. Knowing the game in and out is of utmost importance, and once you have that knowledge, your win rate will increase compared to what it was when you were short on information.
  5. Investing in licensed and regulated casinos is strongly recommended because these casinos offer authenticity and fairness at all times.
  6. Do not form patterns. Please refrain from making bets on the same card if you continuously win. This is because your chances of winning /losing remain the same even if you win/lose the round.

dragon tiger live game

Live Dragon Tiger Game Types

Live Dragon Tiger is rendered by various software developers who clearly show how renowned the game is. Players can choose between variants provided by Evolution Gaming, Vivo Gaming, Ezugi, XPRO, etc.

Evolution Gaming Live Dragon Tiger

The Dragon Tiger Evolution gaming takes place outside of the studio. It is decorated with Chinese-style visuals with the display of large Dragon & Tigers statues on both sides of the table. The betting layouts and roadmaps similar to Baccarat can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The in-game controls can be seen at the top, including the buttons for audio & video controls, the history of the player & game rules.

Cards are shared out from a shoe of 8 decks. When there is a Tie, the bet pays 11:1 and half of the player’s bet is returned. In the case of a suited Tie, it pays 50:1. This happens when 2 cards have the same rank as well suit.

Dragon/Tiger Bet 96.27%
Tie 89.64%
Suited Tie 86.02%

Ezugi Live Dragon Tiger

With Ezugi, numerous a large number of players can join. The wager has 3 bets, Dragon/Tiger, Tie and suited Tie. Herein, the payout for Dragon/tiger is 1:1& Tie bet is 8:1. Suit side bet pays 3:1 only when you accurately guess if the card will be Heart, Diamond, Club or Spade. Other bet propositions like Odd/Even, Big/Small are also available.

Dragon/Tiger Bet 96.27%
Tie 67.23%

Vivo Gaming Live Dragon Tiger

The Dragon/Tiger variant by Vivo is exceptionally designed. It has a striking red top with the visuals of Dragon & Tiger. In the top right corner, you can see the digital image of the cards displayed. This is done to maintain proper visibility & betting controls & roadmaps that can be seen at the bottom of the screen. The bets can be placed on Dragon, Tiger or Tie. Unfortunately, vivo gaming does not support any side bets.

Live Dragon Tiger XPRO Gaming

The XPROs Live Dragon Tiger uses 8 decks. The payout for Dragon/Tiger bets is similar to Big/Small side bets. The payout for Tie is 8:1. In addition, players can wager on Dragon/Tiger suit bets which pay 2:1. If the round concludes with a tie, Dragon/Tiger wagers are reduced by 50% and the available balance is given back to players.

In XPRo variant, side bets can easily be extended without placing the main bet. The game also comes with standard roadmaps and similar to the variants by Ezugi, XPROs interface provides a tipping slot one can be used to compensate the dealer.

Play Dragon Tiger Live on Mobile

Online casinos in abundance offer casino apps for IOS as well as Android. You can play Live Dragon Tiger over there without any complications. These apps work exactly in the same manner as that on the Desktop, which means that you can enjoy the same gameplay features with just a click and with so much ease & comfort.

What do we think of Live Dragon Tiger?

As per everything we have stated above, you might have understood that Live Dragon Tiger is straightforward and apparent. In addition to that, the game is easy to comprehend, irrespective of your experience in the game. Moreover, the provision of side bets also maximizes the entertainment. Therefore, we propose that you try this game out if you are a beginner keeping in mind the do’s & don’t and if you are an existing player, you are already aware of what this game brings to the table, and we hope that our tips have helped and solved doubts for you. Also, you may find Dragon Tiger live predictions on various websites. However, it is wise not to rely on them fully.

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How do you always win the Dragon Tiger game?

6 Best live Dragon Tiger winning strategies: -Stay away from tie bets; -Emphasize the main bets; -Martingale strategy; -Suit based strategy; -Knowledge of the game; -Refrain from creating & following any patterns.

What is a suited tie in Dragon Tiger?

The suited Tie is an extra side bet that can be laid on the Dragon & Tiger cards when they are on the same rank & suit. In the event where you have proceeded with a suited tie bet, and the results come up as a suited tie, you receive 50% of your wager back.

What is the house edge in Dragon Tiger?

73% is the house edge in Dragon Tiger Live.

What is the best Dragon Tiger game to play?

Live Dragon by Evolution can be considered one of the best Dragon Tiger games. Evolution gaming has been winning hearts with the simple user interface and swift gameplay affiliated with lightning effects.

Are online Dragon Tiger games rigged?

Dragon Tiger Live is not rigged if played with a licensed website. As the dealer is in front of you, tracking their every move is easy.