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Last Update 21.06.2022

IMPS Casino India Guide 2022: Deposits & Withdrawals

IMPS implies “Immediate Payment Service” and right now is one of the most popular payment methods used by Indian players in abundance. IMPS gained popularity because it is swift in terms and conditions of payments and is managed by the National Payments Corporation of India, making it reliable & trustworthy.
How Secure is IMPS Сasinos?
The two most important factors that pave the way for IMPS as one of the popular payment methods is trust & convenience. IMPS uses your Aadhaar number & mobile number to connect to bank accounts & complete the payments. Also, IMPS is provided by NPCI through its existing NFS switch, making it a safe & secure payment option.

  • Instant transfers
  • Managed by National Payments Corporation of India
  • Minimal fee
  • Transfer through multiple channels
  • Casino bonuses included
  • No anonymity
  • A lot of information required

Casinos that use IMPS

  • Casino Name
  • welcome bonus
  • Minimum deposit
  • Action

How to Deposit Money on Casinos & Betting Sites with IMPS?

Creating deposits at IMPS casinos can be a little puzzling, especially if you are doing it for the first time. That is why we have created a list of steps you must follow. Before anything, make sure that you have created your account on IMPS.

  • Find a casino that supports the IMPS payment option & sign up.
  • In the cashier section of the online casino, select deposit.
  • Select IMPS as your payment method.
  • Sink your IMPS account with your casino account.
  • Add in the amount that you want to deposit.
  • Fill in the 7-digit MMID number to validate the transaction.

The deposited amount will instantly reflect in the casino account.

IMPS: How to Withdraw Money from Casino Sites?

If you are lucky enough to win, you must understand how to withdraw money from casino sites and which withdrawal method to use. Let’s help you take you through the process.

  • Open your profile & click on the “Withdraw icon”.
  • Once you click, it will redirect you to the page where you can select the UPI/IMPS as your payment option.
  • After that, another window opens where you have to add the amount you wish to withdraw and begin with the transaction.
  • You will have to add all the necessary net banking details like the account holder’s name, account number, IFSC code & bank name.

It has been observed that not all casinos accept IMPS as a payment method, but a lot of gambling sites are catching up. Although IMPS allows you to make payments to online casinos, you must use mobile wallets or digital wallets such as PhonePe, Paytm, and Google Pay to send your money from your bank through the online payment gateway, the online casino site. PhonePe, Paytm, Apple Pay and Google Pay are some of the most popular mobile banking services.

Fees at IMPS Casinos

Another benefit of using IMPS casinos in India is the minimal fees. Other payment methods generally come with expensive fees leaving you with fewer winnings. The IMPS casino fee is minimal and what cannot be disregarded is the fact that IMPS casinos let you keep more of your withdrawal amount in comparison to other methods.

Here is the fee charged by IMPS:

  • Rs 2.5 excluding GST for a deposit of Rs.10,000.
  • Rs.5 excluding GST for deposit between Rs.10,000 & 1,000,000.
  • Rs.15 excluding GST for deposit between Rs.1,000,000 & Rs.2,000,000.

Deposit & Withdrawal Times of IMPS

While deposits at IMPS casinos happen almost instantly when it comes to withdrawals, it can take up to 24 hours.

How to Transfer money from an Indian Bank Account to your IMPS account?

IMPS account ultimately is linked to your main bank account. IMPS is another payment method that enables you to transfer money from one bank to another. IMPS refers to Immediate Payment Service, which implies that you can make funds transfer swiftly using this.

Indian Banks that Accept IMPS

Indian Payment Service (IMPS) is an instantaneous electronic fund bank transfer method. The payments are credited at a faster rate than usual via IMPS. Let’s look at some of the acquiring banks that permit payments via IMPS in India.

  • Axis Bank
  • Bank of Baroda
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Andhra Bank
  • Allahabad Bank
  • Canara Bank
  • HDFC
  • IDBI
  • ICICI & more

These are some banks that enable payments via IMPS. The payment service charge might differ from one bank to another. Make sure you check the charges beforehand.

How to Sign Up for IMPS?

To create a deposit, you must sign up by creating an account. That is why you must know how to set up your IMPS account. You can follow the steps below:

  • Reach out to your local bank & ask them to add IMPS service to your current bank account.
  • Once IMPS is added to your existing account, enter your Indian bank account number, MMID number & Aadhaar number.
  • Go to the casino site and link your casino account with your IMPS account.

One of the best things about an IMPS account is that there is no need for verification because you have requested it from your bank. It reduces one step making the process a little less time-consuming.

Unquestionably, IMPS casinos are reliable & trustworthy, but the benefits are not just restricted to safety & security. IMPS casinos are the most beneficial for casino players as the transfer charges are minimal, and it comes with real-time transactions & convenience. The IMPS casinos are efficient as well as secure, and punters get the best of both worlds when it comes to investing in these casinos.


Can IMPS be used to play online casino games in India?

Yes, IMPS can not only be used to play online casino game selection but also offers fantastic benefits to all Indian residents.

Is it safe to wager via IMPS?

Yes, IMPS is managed by the National Payments Corporation of India, which RBI ultimately regulates. Also, don't forget about wagering requirements.

Do Indian online casinos accept IMPS as a payment method?

Yes, most online casinos accept payments via IMPS. However, it is essential to check before signing up.

Do you have to pay the fee on payments via IMPS?

Yes, IMPS charges a minimal commission for the services it offers.

How much time do IMPS deposits take?

The deposit process via IMPS is ordinarily instant.